Race Stunt Fight 3 is the third version of one of the most beautiful, exciting, and popular motorcycle stunt games for the Android operating system. With stunning HD graphics, various deadly weapons to eliminate rivals from the race track, and different types of motorcycles for players to choose from, it offers the best and most graphic motorcycle game experience on your Android smartphone or tablet! In this game, while competing with other motorcyclists with your stunt moves to reach the finish line, you pass through cities, mountains, tunnels, and other beautiful landscapes! The game also allows you to compete in multiplayer mode and show off your motorcycle masterpieces to your friends while fighting against enemies to earn the highest scores!

Powerful weapons such as chainsaws, flamethrowers, strong rifles, and more are available to you. You can connect them to your vehicle and drive your opponents off the track to earn the highest score.

Some features of the Race Stunt Fight 3 Android game:

* Having 40 different and diverse characters to choose from by the player

* Customization of characters according to the users’ and your taste is possible

* The possibility of playing multiplayer with friends and other global users.

* Including various stages and diversity in different real locations

* Performing show movements such as a wheelie with front and rear wheels, jumping, and more.

* Having HD graphics and stunning sound effects!

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The game Race Stunt Fight 3 has been released for free and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, which today we have provided it for you on Usroid along with the data file and we hope you enjoy it!

Cracked Version (Offline Play!) + Trailer

* Addition of more custom characters


Download Race Stunt Fight 3 - Android motorcycle riding game + data


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it. Copy the rsf3.adrenalinecrew folder to the Android/obb directory of your phone’s memory.


Download Race Stunt Fight 3! Android Game Apk + Obb - NEW FREE



Download Race Stunt Fight 3! Android Game Apk + Obb - NEW FREE



Download Race Stunt Fight 3! Android Game Apk + Obb - NEW FREE



Download Race Stunt Fight 3! Android Game Apk + Obb - NEW FREE