Live Weather pro- Get Real Live Data v1.0 – Live weather app for Android
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As we approach winter, the weather gets colder and the rains get heavier. Many smart device users’ jobs may depend on the weather. For example, knowing the time of rain is very important for farmers and civil engineers! For this reason, it is better to be fully aware of the weather conditions and to know when and what kind of conditions prevail. There are several ways to find out about the weather. One of the best possible ways is to use smartphones. Android phones are the best option in this regard due to their wide range as well as various applications. Live Weather pro- Get Real Live DataTitle is a live weather application developed by Ullash App and Game Studio and published on Google Play. This wonderful software helps us to have access to weather information at any time and to have detailed plans for our work activities by taking advantage of various facilities. One of the most important features available is providing weather forecasts at different time intervals. Somehow you can see the rainfall and the type of weather for the next few days. The forecasts of this startup are in the form of four situations: instant, hourly, daily and weekly. All information updated in real time You can instantly access information such as air temperature, rainfall intensity, wind speed and.. Unlike many similar tools, all cities and countries in the world are supported by this software and there are no restrictions on displaying information.

Some features and capabilities of Live Weather pro- Get Real Live Data Android app:

  • Provide detailed weather information around the world
  • Instant, hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts
  • Complete reports and display information such as air temperature, wind speed and لحظه instantaneously
  • Identify where you live to get information just by turning on GPS
  • Ability to access weather information of different cities simultaneously
  • Home screen widgets for quick access to information
  • View current weather conditions in the form of live animations on the map

Application Live Weather pro- Get Real Live Data with the benefit of its own feature set and functionality by its developer at a price of $ 4.49 reported in the Google Play store and rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by means users can now receive a new Get the most purchased version from the direct servers of Usroid website .


Live Weather pro- Get Real Live Data