Memorize: Learn Chinese Words with Flashcards v1.5.2 – Chinese vocabulary learning application with Android flash card
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If you look at the most difficult languages ​​around the world, you can easily understand that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages. The main reason for the difficulty of this language can be seen in its vocabulary. According to this issue, it can be understood that one of the ways to progress in this language is to expand the vocabulary. There are a variety of ways to learn Chinese, one of the disadvantages of which is their high cost. If you want to learn Chinese and attend private classes, you have to consider several million tomans for it, which is not possible for many interested people. That’s why we want to introduce you to a great software in this post. Memorize: Learn Chinese Words with FlashcardsIs the title of a Chinese vocabulary learning application with flash card, which was developed by LIKECRAZY Inc. and published on Google Play. This wonderful software with its special features and capabilities helps you to learn a wide range of words of this language in a very short period of time. One of the most important features of the startup is its extensive vocabulary, so that you can record more than 9,000 words in your mind during the learning period. On the other hand, the main feature of this program is its special training by means of flash cards, which provides conditions for you to record these words in your long-term memory. All words are in various categories that you can use any category to learn according to your needs. In addition to teaching the words and their meanings, the type of pronunciation is also taught, which helps to communicate as easily as possible to you dear ones.

Some features and capabilities of Memorize: Learn Chinese Words with Flashcards Android app:

  • Learn Chinese vocabulary in a short time
  • A database consisting of 9,000 different words
  • Categorize all words in different groups
  • Special vocabulary training system by flash cards
  • Final vocabulary list for HSK, TSC, BCT exam preparation
  • Teach the pronunciation of words along with their meanings
  • A collection of Chinese novels to increase your mastery of this language
  • Simple and easy user interface

Application Memorize: Learn Chinese Words with Flashcards to benefit from the facilities and capabilities of its own by the developer’s $ 4.99 at Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version purchased it without any restrictions Get access to the facilities from the large Usroid website .


Memorize: Learn Chinese Words with Flashcards