MobileSheets v3.8.31 – Android App for Reading and Managing Sheet Music
Purchased and Complete Version for $12.99

Usually, musicians of different instruments view notes through music sheets and play them. Sometimes, having all these sheets for a piece of music can be difficult for a musician, and the high number of these sheets in some cases causes some of them to get lost, or unable to find the required sheets at the right time. MobileSheets is the title of an application for reading and managing music sheets, developed by Zubersoft and published on Google Play. This startup helps you access all music sheets at any time and manage them in an incredibly professional way, using various features and capabilities. When playing instruments, there is no need to touch the screen, and all sheets automatically start scrolling. Customize different pages according to your needs and add any type of text to sheets using the annotation feature. You will be able to use the available metronome to play a flawless music and be sure that the performance has no flaws.

Some features and capabilities of the MobileSheets Android app:

  • Multiple working modes and various display options for pages
  • Fully automated navigation mode for different pages
  • Note-taking for music marking
  • Custom audio player based on your rating!
  • Customizing pages and cutting them according to your needs
  • Link points for repeating and fast jumping between pages
  • Support for various file types such as images, PDFs, text files, and …
  • Manual and automatic removal of unnecessary margins
  • Support for lists and collections in groups

The MobileSheets app, with its diverse features and capabilities, has received a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users for its $12.99 price. You can now purchase the latest version of the app with no restrictions from the popular website Usroid. This app has been introduced upon your request.


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