MoliPlayer-video & music media is one of the best and most popular player applications for the Android operating system , which you can enjoy watching videos on your tablet or smartphone! This player supports all video formats, allowing you to easily play all video and audio formats and experience the best player with low battery consumption, classic and very stylish environment and great features. Bring it to your Android mobile. Up to this moment, more than 20 of the player different to introduce you’d undoubtedly to date at least one of them have chosen and the player is also due to rich the site archives the data that has Having good features and capabilities will also be worth a try!

Not to mention that MoliPlayer-video & music media player, unlike Android audio and video players, has been released for free and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from the Play Store.

Some features and features of MoliPlayer-video & music media Android:

* Play all video formats avi, mkv, mp4, h.264, rmvb, wmv, flv, ts, m2ts and vob etc.

* Play all audio formats aac, ac-3 , dts, mp3, ape, flac and ogg etc.

* Supports movie subtitle formats including srt, ssa, ass and so on

* Live streaming of videos and movies from smart TVs, Apple and even XBox 360 via AirPlay

* Having different settings to adjust the brightness, GESTURE control and so on

* Ability to easily manage videos in folders or all in one folder

* Beep video and audio files at speeds ranging from 1 / 10x to 4x

* Resume videos and music from where it was last read

* Having different and very stylish themes with the possibility of choosing for the player skin (coming soon)

* Ability to play videos and music in the background when the screen is off

* Having a very simple and classic user interface + user friendliness

Powerful MoliPlayer-video & music media player currently has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 in the Android Market , which we put for you today in Usroid and we hope you like it?

 Changes in version v2.7.2.69:

* Fixed various problems and performance improvements


Download MoliPlayer-video & music media - Android professional player




Support for file formats:

AIFF, AMR, AMV, ASF, AU, AVC, AVI, AVS Video, BDAV, CDXA/MPEG-PS, DV, FLAC, Flash Video, GXF, IVF, k3g1, kddi, LXF, Matroska, MIDI, MLP, mobi, Monkey’s Audio, MPEG Audio, MPEG Video, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 Visual, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, mqt, Musepack SV7, Musepack SV8, MXF, OGG, QuickTime, RealMedia, Shorten, SKM, TTA, TwinVQ, VC-1, Wave, Wave64, WavPack, WebM, Windows Media

Support for video formats:

601P, AMV Video, AVC, AVS Video, avs2, Cinepack, Dirac, DV, FLC, FLI, H.263, H.264, Indeo 4, JPEG, mp4v, MPEG-1 video, MPEG-2 video, MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 part 2, MPEG-4 part 10, MPEG-4 Visual, On2 VP3, On2 VP5, On2 VP6, On2 VP7, On2 VP8, MTS2, QCELP/PureVoice, raw video, RealVideo 2, RealVideo 3, RealVideo 4, Sorenson 3, Theora, tiff, TrueMotion S, VC-1, VC-3, VDOWave, WMV2

Support for audio formats:

AAC, AAC LATM, ACELP, ADPCM IMA WAV, ADPCM EA R2, AMR, Cooker, COOK, DCA, EVRC, FLAC, GSM 6.10, MIDI, MLP, Monkey’s Audio, MP2 Audio, MP3, Musepack SV7, Musepack SV8, PCM, QCELP, Qdesign 2, Shorten, sqcp, TTA, VQF TwinVQ, Vorbis, Voxware, VP6, WavPack, WMA

Support for subtitle formats:

SubRip(*.srt), SSA/ASS(*.ssa,*.ass)


MoliPlayer-video & music media Android player free Android


MoliPlayer-video & music media Android player free Android