Super Clone – App Cloner for Multiple Accounts v6.0.02.0110 Install multiple copies of an app simultaneously for Android
Premium version of the app with access to all features and capabilities

Perhaps it has happened to you that you want to have more of certain applications on your mobile phone. For example, you may want to have multiple Telegram or WhatsApp accounts on your phone, each in a separate application, or you may want to have multiple accounts for an online game and want to install them all separately on your phone. In normal circumstances, this would not be possible because when you reinstall the application, the mobile operating system will realize that another version is already installed and will replace it with the previous version. Today, we introduce an application that can easily solve this problem for you. Super Clone – App Cloner for Multiple Accounts is the title of an Android app developed by Polestar App Cloner Dev. and published for free on Google Play. With this application, you can install a separate copy on your Android device for each account you have on social networks, messaging apps, and games.

Some features and capabilities of Super Clone – App Cloner for Multiple Accounts Android:

  • Ability to manage multiple accounts for different social networks
  • Privacy Locker to hide and protect cloned accounts
  • Customization of icons and app names to avoid confusion between cloned apps
  • Easy user interface and switching between different accounts with just one touch
  • Separate data and information management for each clone
  • Excellent notification management for cloned apps without any interference
  • Quick switch between recently used accounts
  • Support for multiple Google logins
  • Lite mode for optimized battery usage
  • Possibility to customize app icons (color, transparency, etc.)
  • Tagging feature for easier app management

Super Clone – App Cloner for Multiple Accounts is a very useful app for all users who use various social networks and messaging apps for work and personal communication and want to have each of their accounts separately accessible. This app also supports online games that require Google logins. Super Clone has received an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the premium version of this app with all its features and access for free from Usroid.


Multi Clone - Super Cloner for Multiple Accounts Premium