Nomad Sculpt v1.32.2 – Android design and sculpture application!
Unlocked and full version of the app worth $ 14.99

Sculpture, sculpture or sculpture is one of the top arts in the world. Many people in different countries have chosen this art and it is even one of their main source of income. Sculpture is so old that we have witnessed its increasing progress since the earliest humans. In the past, sculptures were based on the imagination, and the sculptor imagined everything in his mind before he began to build, but gradually this art also merged with technology. For this reason, in different operating systems, we see different software that help you create perfect works easily. Nomad SculptTitle is a design and sculpting application developed by GINIER Stéphane and published on Google Play. As we mentioned, this software is a suitable solution for creating works virtually! The above app helps you no longer rely on your imagination and create any idea you have before starting work on a special design. The set of tools available in this startup has been selected in such a way that it meets all the needs of sculptors and provides them with a great output. One of the most important features of the above software is the ability to view samples created in different dimensions! In such a way that after starting the construction, you will be able to rotate the sculpture in different directions and add all the details to it with great care. All the steps of making the sculpture are stored in several different layers, so that in case of any mistake, you can quickly and without any loss when you call the desired layer and apply the necessary changes. The quality of the displayed image is very high and eliminates the need for any accessories.

Some features and capabilities of Nomad Sculpt Android application:

  • Access to a variety of different sculpting tools
  • Create a virtual design before you start building the sculpture
  • Extraordinary ability to rotate your design in different directions
  • A set of design tools to create details with very high precision
  • Use different colors in your sculptures
  • Supports both Ando and Redo functionality
  • Make your desired changes in different layers separately
  • Initial forms in different sexes
  • High sensitivity of the program to the touch pressure created on the screen
  • Download output file in various formats
  • Ability to execute formats by sculpting machines!

The Nomad Sculpt app has been released for free by its developer for $ 14.99 with a dedicated feature set for sculptors, and has received a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating from users, who can now unlock the latest version. Download it without any restrictions from the huge large Usroid database .


Nomad Sculpt