Payeer – پایر ی is an online wallet application for Android that allows you to store fiat currencies and digital currencies. This application is actually a smart wallet for digital currencies BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, USD, EUR, RUB in one program on your smartphone. With this application, you can easily exchange fiat and encrypted currencies on the trading platform or automatically convert them to cash. To create a user account in Payeer Wallet application, you need to use VISA and MasterCard. With this application, you can exchange currency and digital assets among more than 20,000,000 users from 127 countries around the world. It should be noted that Payeer is an online wallet designed to manage digital and fiat currencies. This tool was first introduced to the market in 2013 and was able to gain the trust of many users. It can be confidently said that nowadays, most investment programs and professional and profitable websites use the payment services of this application. This practical application provides internal exchange and payment capabilities for systems such as MasterCard, VISA, or Paypal. Interestingly, all transactions made with Payeer Wallet are irreversible. This electronic wallet has two versions for the Android and iOS operating systems. First, depending on your phone’s operating system, download and install the appropriate program from the App Store or Google Play; then create a user account with your identity information in Payeer, and finally use this electronic wallet to finance accounts in professional income-generating programs.




The PAYEER application has an internal exchange that enables users to make payments between different systems. Compared to other electronic wallets, this processor requests a relatively low commission for financial transactions. This advantage has made Payeer a good alternative to many more expensive online wallets. The practical use of this application is useful for both amateur individuals and marketing professionals who earn income online. Additionally, individuals who regularly make online purchases can easily use this software. It is essential to mention the high security of transactions and 24/7 technical support to express other advantages of this electronic wallet. The first and most important function of Payeer online wallet is to support digital currencies, fiat currencies, and most traditional currencies. This tool provides users with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds. Receiving a Payeer Platinum MasterCard and the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs and standard payments are other features of this wallet. In general, due to the expansion of digital currencies, the use of electronic wallets for payments and transactions is essential. Payeer electronic wallet is an application that has very low fees and supports most available currencies. Users who have an account in this program can receive a credit card and perform payment steps through ATMs. As an Android mobile user, you can download the latest version of the PAYEER program with one click from the high-speed servers of Usroid. We, as the most reputable Android reference, have provided the original and secure version of this program for download.