PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner v1.4.1 – Smart and Beautiful Android File Management Application
Mod and Full Version of the Application Presented to You, Dear Persianroid Supporters

PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner is the title of a smart and beautiful Android file management application developed by the Android Does Team and published on Google Play. Android smartphone users, apart from their main needs, always want to experience new and different app startups according to their tastes. Applications that offer more features and capabilities than their essential needs and surprise them. Unfortunately, if you have noticed, we can see the least diversity of features in file managers. We have access to a feature-rich file manager by default, which in other titles, these features have still been expanded slightly and made available to users. Nevertheless, in this post, we intend to introduce you, dear Usroid users, to a popular file manager; an app that undoubtedly becomes one of its fans! PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner helps you to access another set of useful features alongside common toolsets and file management commands. These features will help you manage better and easier and eliminate your need for other side apps. So, if you are also tired of installing multiple apps, do not miss this app and stay with us.

PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner: an all-in-one Swiss Army Knife!

To become popular among users, an application must have special features and make them available without any restrictions. Unlike all the file management apps we see in the Google Play Store, PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner can be considered a box made up of several diverse tools, each of which addresses some of your dear ones’ needs. Alongside these capabilities, you have access to a set of common management commands, including copy, transfer, folder creation, file categorization, and more.

Super Powerful Cleaner Tool

As we have mentioned many times in the above descriptions, one of the reasons for the popularity of PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner is its additional features. One of the most important of these features is the built-in cleaner tool. This tool allows you, dear users, to scan your smartphone’s memory in just a few seconds without the need to install optimization programs and identify a list of junk files that you can delete with a single touch. Some users may say to themselves after reading this part of the description that other file managers may also offer this feature, but the main reason for the program’s distinction is not only its powerful optimization tool, but also an internal antivirus that constantly protects your Android smartphone 24/7.

Beautiful and User-Friendly UI

One of the most important features that many developers do not pay special attention to is the user interface of their programs. They think that by providing suitable features and capabilities, they can attract the attention of users, but we must say that having a suitable user interface is one of the most essential needs of users. Fortunately, the design team of PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner has designed this startup in such a way that you can experience a new management experience in a beautiful environment.

Some features and capabilities of the PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner Android app:

  • Management of files in internal memory without any restrictions
  • Access to a set of common management commands
  • Internal optimizer system to identify all junk files
  • Removal of identified unnecessary files with just one touch
  • Internal antivirus to prevent any privacy violations
  • Data analysis and accurate information presentation
  • Option to manage all installed applications!
  • Possibility of sharing your files in different ways
  • Automatic categorization of files in memory
  • Attractive and beautiful user interface

The PoMelo File Explorer – File Manager & Cleaner app, with its various features and capabilities, has been published for free with in-app purchases of $9.99 on Google Play by its developer and has received a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download the latest mod version of it from the popular and visited website Usroid.


PoMelo File Explorer - File Manager & Cleaner