Shapik: The Moon Quest v1.114.023 – Entertaining Adventure Game “Shapik: Mission on the Moon” for Android
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Shapik: The Moon Quest – شاپیک: مأموریت در ماه is another version of the Shapik game series developed by Ukrainian developer Paul Podberezko. After several months of waiting, it was finally released for the Android operating system. The game was originally released in April 2020 on the Steam store for the Windows PC platform, and news of a ported version for Android had been circulating since then. Finally, in the last month of 2020, Mr. Paul Podberezko developed the game for the Android operating system and released it on Google Play for $1.99. It should be noted that the game is available in two versions: a free demo version and a paid full version. At the same time as the release of the final and complete version of the game, Usroid has made it available for download for free as a purchased game. You can download this premium adventure game for free from Usroid’s servers and enjoy it without paying any fees. Usroid is the first Iranian website to publish the paid version of this game for Android. So, join us in introducing this beautiful game. Shapik: The Moon Quest has an interesting, rich, and mysterious story. The game’s creator says that the story of Shapik: The Moon Quest will be conveyed to the audience through animations and in-game music without any words.


Shapik: The Moon Quest


In the game Shapik: The Moon Quest, based on the overall storyline and information available, the game’s plot can be described briefly. According to this storyline, the game depicts a mysterious, strange, and changing world of humans after a great atomic war. You play as the main character of the game, a teenage boy in this interesting world. You will travel to different places and imagine a completely unique adventure in a world completely different from what you have seen before. This world, while very eye-catching, beautiful, and magnificent, will be equally unpredictable and dangerous. Therefore, in Shapik: The Moon Quest game, you should expect various threats and challenges throughout the stages. Many parts of the game include puzzles and not very difficult riddles, and you must solve these puzzles to go to the next sections. You will encounter many good and bad things on this adventurous journey and have a very special experience. Shapik: The Moon Quest game is designed with a pleasant and beautiful graphic and simple but exciting gameplay that can keep you entertained. If you enjoy these types of games and are particularly interested in adventure and fantasy titles, Shapik: The Moon Quest game can be an attractive option for you. To download the latest paid and purchased version of the game, go to the download center section of Usroid and download the latest version of the game from the site’s direct links.