SkanApp hands-free doc scanner v4.36 – High Speed ​​Android Hand Scanner App
Purchased for $ 8.0

One of the most used types of files in government institutions and offices are scanned files of our documents. Many people go to computer services to scan documents, bills, documents and و and pay a high fee to get a digital copy of the items mentioned. But there has always been a way to avoid the additional cost of scanning, and Usroid site has not failed to introduce applications in this area. SkanApp hands-free doc scanner Paid is a professional and practical program in the field of high-speed document scanning by GO2GET for Android operating systemIt’s been published. As the title suggests, one of the best features of this software compared to similar versions available in Android markets is its high speed scanning, which enables users to see more than 250 different pages in just 10 minutes. Scan and convert to PDF or JPEG digital versions. In addition, when capturing images of your documents, you can use the voice memo feature and gain a unique experience in managing your digital documents.

Some features and capabilities of SkanApp hands-free doc scanner Android app:

  • High speed scanning of documents (250 pages in just 10 minutes)
  • Ability to scan multi-page bills or magazines professionally
  • Use the hardware volume buttons to capture images and start voice memo mode
  • Very high quality when receiving output files
  • Ability to use Bluetooth shutters to capture images when scanning
  • Share scanned documents with cloud servers
  • Very small volume and easy system

Application SkanApp hands-free doc scanner   has managed to be one of the best and fastest software on the scanning of documents at a price of 8.0 dollars score 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version Get the purchased one from Usroid site.


SkanApp hands-free doc scanner