Square Home 3 – Launcher: Windows style v3.0.9Complete Simulation of Windows Phone User Interface on Android Devices
Premium Version of the Application Valued at $4.99

Windows has been the most popular and widely used operating system on computers since its emergence. Microsoft has always tried to experience this success on other devices as well. Before the emergence of smartphones, Microsoft had made many mobile phones with Windows Mobile that had higher features than their contemporaries. With the emergence of smartphones and Android and iOS operating systems, Microsoft thought of creating a completely new operating system for smartphones. This operating system was called Windows Phone and was able to attract many customers for several years. After Microsoft bought Nokia’s production line, all of Microsoft’s attention was focused on making its own smartphones and also introduced very good phones to the market. However, the popularity of other operating systems did not leave room for Microsoft’s smartphones to show off, and this led to the failure and discontinuation of Microsoft’s smartphones. Anyone who has worked with Microsoft smartphones (Lumia) can confirm that the user interface and visual capabilities of these phones were far superior to all other available phones. Therefore, many people thought of simulating the user interface of these phones on Android devices. The result of this work was the emergence of various Windows Phone launchers for Android. Today we introduce one of the best Windows 10 launchers to you: Square Home 3 – Launcher: Windows style Premium. It is one of the best Windows 10 launchers for Android operating system developed by ChYK the dev. and is available for free on Google Play. This program is a launcher with a very easy user experience, a very beautiful appearance, and of course high power for use on mobile, tablet, and TV box.

Some features and capabilities of the Square Home 3 – Launcher: Windows style Android application:

  • Vertical scrolling on the screen and horizontal scrolling from screen to screen
  • Excellent user interface in the metro style and support for tablets
  • Beautiful tile effects
  • Display notifications and counts next to tiles
  • Support for various screen sizes, including large tablets
  • Smart app drawer: better classification using app patterns
  • Quick access to contacts
  • Abundant customization options

The Square Home 3 – Launcher: Windows style application can completely transform your mobile phone experience and make everything much easier. Square Home 3 has managed to receive an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the premium version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Square Home 3 - Launcher Windows style Premium