Super Mario 2 HD 1.0 + Mod – Mushroom Eater game 2 (Mario) for Android, presented to you dear Usroid,
original version + mod version (features mentioned) exclusively tested for the first time in Iran
, offline
copying is prohibited!

Super Mario 2 HD – Mushroom Eater 2 (Mario) A popular, nostalgic and very entertaining game from the Iranian studio “Khatere Sazan” for Android devicesIs offered for free in Iranian markets and at the collective request of Usroid’s loved ones, we have decided to introduce it to you, the fans of old Mario games, and to delight you once again! We give the explanation exactly from the constructive language: “Super Mario or mushroom eater is a part of our childhood; The version released on the “Micro or NES” game console became popular and immortalized among gamers without special graphics and special effects. The game may be old-fashioned or its two-dimensional, simple appearance may make you want to try again Do not play it or do not have a device that can run the game at all; We try our best to provide the conditions for you to relive your sweet childhood memories; It is a hair-to-hair remake of the old version of Mario with HD and 3D graphics. Changes in the appearance and graphics of the game, in addition to the old and young kids today, can also encourage new kids to experience “mushroom eating” on their smartphones! You can experience the basics of the game for free! ” If you are a fan of Super Mario games, do not miss Super Mario 2 HD in any way!


Super Mario 2 HD Android Games


We have provided Super Mario 2 HD game to you today in Usroid along with the mod version, which can be installed and run on all devices without any problems, and you can experience it offline from the beginning to the end without the need for the Internet. ! If we recommend you to the fans of Mushroom Eater 2 (Mario) games, do not miss the fascinating and lovely Super Mario 2 HD game and download it with one click from the high-speed servers of the site!

Changes in version v1.0:

* Release the first version of the game – Introduction to your request.