WiFi Analyzer GOLD v1.4.16 – Android WiFi signal analysis application
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One of the most important ways to access the Internet, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular, is the use of Wi-Fi networks, and many stores and office centers use this way of communication to better serve their customers. In addition, many home users have chosen to purchase a Wi-Fi subscription because it is affordable and can access this wide platform with just a router! However, these high permissions are not always desirable and can sometimes cause us problems such as slow WiFi network connection. One of the most important reasons for the slow speed of Wi-Fi networks is the large number of signals and interference in the available channels, in this post we intend to provide a professional solution to solve this problem. WiFi Analyzer GOLD as a powerful application for analyzing WiFi signalsAnd the solution to Wi-Fi problems is for Android, which was developed by Soapysoft and published in the big market of Google Play. The above program, using a special technology, easily identifies all Wi-Fi networks around you and presents them in the form of color charts. But apart from all the features of this startup, one of its most important features is the display of Wi-Fi channels around you; So that you can identify the most secluded channels with just a simple review and by setting your Wi-Fi router on that channel, increase your connection speed and range many times. It is better not to miss this software with many features and read on to get it.

Some features and capabilities of WiFi Analyzer GOLD Android application:

  • Check and analyze all WiFi signals around you
  • Display the strength of existing signals in color graphs
  • Test your WiFi connection speed
  • Check all communication channels and display the least traffic channels
  • Display the MAC address of each WiFi router
  • Simple and very easy user interface

WiFi Analyzer GOLD application with various features and capabilities has been able to receive a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 10 thousand downloads, which you can now download the latest Gold and unlimited version of it from the most visited Usroid website . Do; In our version all features are available for free.

Version v1.4.16 changes:

* Fixed program bugs and reported problems


WiFi Analyzer GOLD