After introducing the best Android launchers and various programs to beautify the user environment and take your smartphone interface out of repetitive and boring mode, today we intend to introduce one of the best and most popular Yandex.Shell address book launcher and dialer application , which is We recommend to all people who like to turn the repetitive appearance of their phone into a professional and attractive environment.

Installing this program will completely change the interface of your phone in a second, and a variety of new widgets and icons will come to your phone, and a three-dimensional carousel for switching between applications will be added to the home screen! This program will change the user interface of your device and give a new and unique look to your Android with its features and capabilities.

Some features and capabilities of Yandex.Shell Android application:

* Ability to add up to 21 pages to the home screen

* Having a dedicated and stylish widget to display contacts on the home screen

* Having a widget to display incoming calls and text messages in 3D

* Ability to display a beautiful clock on the home screen

* Having a tab to display the weather with predictability for the next 5 days

* Ability to create folders on the home screen

* Having a dedicated tab for taking notes

* Ability to control screen brightness with 5 different modes

* Can be installed and run on all tablets

* Having a variety of live wallpapers and beautiful wallpapers

* Ability to add a variety of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. widgets for quick management

The amazing Yandex.Shell launcher is offered completely free of charge, and by installing it on your phone, you can take its appearance out of its dry and simple state and give it a new and different interface! You can download this post from Usroid in addition to viewing images from Yandex.Shell environment by downloading it with one click…

 Changes in version v2.31:

* Added support for Android 4.4

* Added Flashlight widget

* Troubleshoot and improve performance


Download Yandex.Shell - a unique and professional launcher for Android




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Download Yandex.Shell Android



Download Yandex.Shell Android



Download Yandex.Shell Android



Download Yandex.Shell Android