Anger of Stick 2 in Persian ( Anger of Stick 2 ) is a very beautiful and entertaining game in the style of action and arcade games for the Android operating system , in which unknown enemies have appeared in the city and have created insecurity. The hero of the game must work and fight them with the deadly weapons available, including helicopters and robots! In the game, all kinds of enemies will attack you and start shooting, and you must protect yourself from their bullets by jumping up and down as fast as possible, and kill or escape your enemies, as well as find money to Buy new weapons!

This game includes three different modes, in jump mode you have to run and escape death by jumping! In the second case, it means stupid escape to run as far as you can and stay away from your enemies, and in the last case, it means killing all the enemies and staying alive as long as you can!

Some features of Anger of Stick 2 Android game:

* Over 130 action and combat moves to destroy enemies

* Being a variety of deadly weapons, including Uzi, flamethrowers, etc.

* Combine weapons with helicopters and robots to defeat enemies

* Play and battle in a variety of locations in the desert , cities and forests

* Three different modes of survival, jump and escape with the possibility of choice by the player

Game Anger of Stick 2 for free and with tens of thousands of downloads of Prtrfdatryn Andrvydyst games and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 , which we have today in Usroid latest version of’ve put it to you; Join us to view photos of the game and download it.


Download Anger of Stick 2 - a popular and low-volume rage game for Android




Download Anger of Stick 2 Android Apk - NEW FREE


Download Anger of Stick 2 Android Apk - NEW FREE