[Block Apps – More Productivity Full v6.4.3 [Premium – Android app blocking app!
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One of the problems facing society today is the addiction of smart device users to existing applications; So that many of these users spend hours attending Android applications and destroying order in their lives. In addition, you may have seen many times that many friendships have been lost due to overuse of an app or game! The solution to this problem is the forced blocking of applications! Block Apps – More Productivity Premium Unlocked as the professional and intelligent blocking software for AndroidDeveloped and published by WVerlaek. This unique program with the support of a unique system allows its users to select a list of frequently used and addictive programs and block them by force! All you have to do is select the list of applications you want and specify the requested time interval so that you can no longer access the application you want at the specified time. Using blockchain allows you to reduce the extreme use of Android software and focus on more useful activities in life. In addition, a set of attractive widgets are included in this software that you will be able to use as you wish and have quick access to activate or deactivate the programs of your choice.


Block Apps - More Productivity Full


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