(Block WiFi – WiFi Inspector v1.3 (Ad-free – Blocking application for unauthorized Wi-Fi connections Android
version without ads and complete program dedicated to you dear ones

With the daily expansion of Wi-Fi hotspots, by stepping into any new house or place and turning on the Wi-Fi of your smart device, you can see a set of active hotspots, some of which are weak in terms of security and you will be able to He easily penetrated them. The constant increase of WiFi hacking tools has drastically reduced security and it is possible that our dedicated network will also be attacked and hacked. Today, we want to address your concerns about any unauthorized connection and double the security of the router by introducing an application. Block WiFi – WiFi Inspector is a blocker for unauthorized Wi-Fi connections, developed by Bani International for Android and published in the large Google Play Market. This software allows its users to connect all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network in just a few seconds and at high speed .Scan someone and see them. If a device is illegally connected to your WiFi, you can view various information such as MAC address, IP and device name and block everything in a few simple steps.

Some features and capabilities of Block WiFi – WiFi Inspector Android application:

  • View all devices connected to WiFi
  • Fast scan in just a few seconds
  • Block all unauthorized devices with a single touch
  • Ability to easily enter the router settings
  • Search among devices connected by IP or MAC address
  • History of all devices connected to WiFi
  • Clever analysis without the lowest error rate
  • There were no restrictions on using the program

Application Block WiFi – WiFi Inspector with a set of specific capabilities and unique in blocking unauthorized connection WiFi by your developer in a large supermarket Google releases that can now have the most recent version without ads up Get the most useful for free from Usroid big site; In addition, all the features are in our version.


Block WiFi - WiFi Inspector