Cartoon Craft – Cartoon Craft is a new and popular game with an interesting design and construction from Studio NAP Studio for Android, which is offered for $ 1.99 on Google Play, and as always, we have decided for the first time in Iran.Introduce it to you and delight you lovers of low volume strategy games! The general story of Cartoon Craft game is presented by its developer as follows: “A great battle has taken place between humans and orcs! A strange event happens that turns humans and orcs into zombies! What has happened?! Now it’s your turn to join them and work for their survival! At the beginning of your mission, 4 workers are with you; They help you collect wood, gold and other items; Build a farm and barracks and train troops to have a strong army; You are going to send them to the biggest war! Destroy the enemies and try to survive! ” If you are a fan of strategy games, Cartoon Craft will undoubtedly attract your attention to its small size with good design and construction!


Cartoon Craft


Cartoon Craft game has been downloaded less than 10 times by Android users around the world from Google Play and was able to get a good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 , which we have offered for free in Usroid ! You can first see pictures and video of the gameplay of this lovely game, and finally, if you wish, download the purchased and complete version with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Changes in version V4.06:

* Added new features + back button + optimizations.