Dual SIM Selector PRO v2.9.0 – Android Dual SIM Card Management Application
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If you have noticed, manufacturers of Android smartphones are moving towards producing dual SIM card phones and producing many new mobile phones in a way that users have more choice in using their SIM cards and can use two SIM cards simultaneously. In the meantime, Android developers are trying to make their apps support both SIM cards simultaneously, but some of these popular apps have not yet added support for dual SIM cards. Dual SIM Selector PRO is a very useful and efficient app for users of dual SIM card devices on Android, which allows them to easily use both SIM cards in any app! In other words, this app can be considered a solution for using apps that only use one SIM card. For example, a dialer may only support one SIM card, but Dual SIM Selector removes this limitation and provides users with a set of useful features in addition to allowing access to the second SIM card.

Some features and capabilities of the Dual SIM Selector PRO Android app:

  • Support for most dual and triple SIM devices
  • Support for most dialer apps
  • Automatic selection of default SIM card based on rules
  • Rules based on phone number masks and contacts
  • Learning mode for setting rules during calls
  • Separate customization of name and image for each SIM card
  • Support for dual SIM cards simultaneously

The Dual SIM Selector PRO app, which has been published by its developer at a price of $3.99 in Android markets such as Play Store, has achieved a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from users of this major market, and you can now purchase the latest version of it from the Usroid website.

* Resolving issues and improving program performance + new features


Dual SIM Selector