edbi – with the Export Development Bank of Iran, the title of the latest version of the Mobile Bank applicationExport Development of Iran is published by this bank for Android operating system. Hamrah Safir Bank is one of the electronic banking services of Iran Export Development Bank, which allows its customers to receive some needs and services in person and solve their problems. The capabilities of this mobile bank, like other software published in this field, are classified based on various services, one of the most popular of which is the services related to Shetab member cards; As you are able to see the full absence of your cards and transfer your desired amount interbank or internally quickly and without the need for ATMs. There is no need to worry in case your card is lost, because with Safir Bank, it provides the possibility of blocking the cards for its customers anywhere in Iran.

Some features and capabilities of edbi Android application:

  • Receive card balances
  • Card to card transfer (intrabank and interbank)
  • Flags missing card
  • Ability to pay bills easily
  • List of accounts connected to the card
  • Ability to quickly report missing cards with account number
  • View statements and account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Ability to pay installments and bills by account number
  • View exchange rates
  • Find different branches all over Iran
  • Quick inquiry about the status of checks
  • Receive account password (based on card number and second password)
  • Ability to receive the night number
  • Transfer account information to the current SIM card (when changing the SIM card)
  • Messages received from the bank’s mobile system
  • Ability to select the type of connection in two modes, Internet or SMS
  • Add versatile accounts or cards

The edbi application, with the benefit of special capabilities for all customers of the Export Development Bank of Iran, has attracted the attention of the customers of this bank, which, as always, you can download the latest version through the huge database of the Usroid website ; This program has also been introduced at the collective request of you Usroid users.

Changes in version v4.14:

* No changes have been mentioned by the developer bank for this version of the program.