ElectroDroid Pro v5.2 Patched – Android electronic toolkit application
PRO version for $2.99 on Google Play without license error!
Special offer for all electronics students

ElectroDroid Pro is the paid and premium version of the popular and useful ElectroDroid application from IODEMA Srl studio for smart devices with Android operating system. It is offered on Google Play for $2.99 and has been purchased by more than 100,000 Android users worldwide, making it one of the top applications in the Tools category on Google Play. If you are a student, engineer, or even an electronics repairman, download the amazing ElectroDroid Pro application now without wasting any time, as it provides all the necessary tools in a simple and beautiful environment! Various calculation tools such as Ohm’s law, frequency converter, voltage divider, battery life calculation, various calculators, and more are included in the ElectroDroid application collection, which you can use for free. Overall, ElectroDroid Pro includes a set of professional electronic tools and we have only mentioned a few of its features for you.

Some of the features and general capabilities of ElectroDroid Pro for Android:

  • Show the code of different resistor colors
  • Calculator for calculating Ohm’s law
  • Battery life calculator
  • Voltage drop calculator
  • Simple filter calculator
  • LED resistance calculator
  • PCB trace width calculator
  • Precise calculation of heat loss in circuits
  • RMS, Decibel, Frequency conversion tools, etc.
  • Professional coil design tools
  • Table of radio wave divisions
  • Other tools for calculating capacitor load
  • Dozens of other professional and practical tools

ElectroDroid Pro application currently has a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating in the Play Store, and we at Usroid are providing you with the latest and last version for the first time for free. You can download it with just one click by visiting the continuation of the article. ElectroDroid Pro is the Pro version and has additional features compared to the free version, and there are no ads in it!

Attention: The name of the app has been changed on Google Play and its new name is Electrodoc Pro.


ElectroDroid Pro