Final Freeway v1.9.14.0 – A nostalgic racing game for Android + trailer
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Final Freeway – The Ultimate Highway is an exciting and entertaining racing game that has been produced and released by the Japanese studio OYK Games in the style of classic old games. The game is available in two versions: free (with ads) and paid (without ads) on Google Play. You can now download the ad-free and unlimited purchased version of the game from our website. It is also worth mentioning that Usroid has once again offered this game as the first Iranian website. Final Freeway is an interesting and very close copy of the Chase HQ game series, especially Chase HQ 2. If you have previously owned a Mega Drive or SEGA console, you are certainly familiar with the famous game Chase HQ II. In this game, you played as a police officer and went on missions to stop offenders on the highways by choosing three types of vehicles, including a red Ferrari, an off-road vehicle, and a truck. You would damage their cars by hitting them and ultimately disable them to apprehend them. Now, the same famous and nostalgic gameplay is available in an interesting arcade game called Final Freeway. Even the main car in the game, just like Chase HQ II, is a red sports car that has been recreated in Final Freeway. In fact, all parts of the game, including road design and modeling, have been patterned after the mentioned game, and the only difference between these two games is their type. In Chase HQ, you had to stop criminals, but in Final Freeway, you have to participate in street races. In this game, you can go to the streets and highways in various stages and in record-breaking competitions and experience an incredible thrill by weaving in and out of other cars at high speed!

  • Nostalgic graphics and designs inspired by classic games of the 90s, especially the series of Chase HQ games
  • Smooth and entertaining gameplay in racing games
  • 8 different stages and levels
  • Interesting sound effects and catchy arcade music
  • Possibility to adjust game controls in two different modes
  • 3 different modes and various sections for competitions
  • 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard
  • Smart graphic optimization for more details on flagship devices and removal of unnecessary details on weaker devices
  • Small size and installation on all Android devices

Final Freeway is a nostalgic and memorable title created and paid homage to the popular game of previous generations, Chase HQ II. The interesting designs of this game, along with its challenging and fast-paced gameplay, have turned it into an exciting and attractive arcade game. So don’t hesitate and get the purchased version of this exciting and entertaining game from Usroid servers now and have a memorable experience for yourself. This low-volume game has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on Google Play and has also earned a 4.1 out of 5.0 rating.

Version changes:

* Fixing compatibility issues with some devices


Final Freeway