Life Gallery v1.0.2 + Mod – Attractive and different puzzle game “Life Gallery” for Android + Trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (unlocked) Separately
tested with offline execution

Life Gallery – Life Gallery is the name of an abstract, conceptual and very thought-provoking game from the category of puzzle and puzzle games, which is the first project of Taiwanese studio 751Games Co., Ltd. It was produced and introduced and released for free on Google Play. Usroid for the first time in IranAs soon as the game was released on Google Play and after the game was put into the necessary reviews, the latest version has been prepared for download as a test. We also have a modded version for this game so that you dear ones can experience Life Gallery unlocked. The game is a puzzle game whose artistic designs are intended to send specific and complex messages to the audience, and according to the creators, the game Gallery of Life is an experience of traveling in a deep world with a different sense of psychological fear of attitude. Everything in this game looks unusual, abstract and very complex, and it has a deep (deep) state and a concept that normally not everyone can understand well the hidden messages in it and to fully understand the content of this game that is correct. They are like surreal art paintings, you have to have a certain vision. However, in addition to this great complexity, special simplicity has been included in these designs to make it a little easier to understand the events inside. All parts of Life Gallery are followed by illustrated drawings, and all puzzles and puzzles that can be solved in this game are included in these drawings, and therefore it should be said that great care is needed to discover the puzzles. .


Life Gallery


In the game Life GalleryEach stage includes paintings in which the puzzle and the hidden secret of that stage are hidden in those illustrated paintings. By discovering these facts and solving not-so-difficult and, of course, pessimistic puzzles, players must solve puzzles and discover some of the game’s story puzzles in order to gradually discover the mysterious, dark and mysterious story of the game. The game gallery has a very interesting and, of course, scary and mysterious atmospheric life. Although the game’s drawings have nothing special and are very simple, they are so effective that they can overshadow the emotions of the players and the audience. There are several characterizations in these paintings in Life Gallery, and each character seems to have a specific, sad, and unusual story to tell, and you can make abstract stories by doing puzzles related to each of these characters. Discover them. There is a very interesting idea for designing the game Life Gallery, in which the simplicity of a painting will change to a horrible scenario. Paintings and works of art from around the world, such as Mona Lisa’s paintings and dance drawings, have also been reconstructed in this game, which will show you a different face from them. To solve puzzles, you need to carefully examine these paintings to find the points that can be detected from inside the image. All in all, Life Gallery is a completely different and new title in the style of puzzle games. Mother All in all, Life Gallery is a completely different and new title in the style of puzzle games. Mother All in all, Life Gallery is a completely different and new title in the style of puzzle games. MotherUsroid, with respect to all tastes, we try to cover all types of games and genres, and we have prepared this game at the request of many fans of such games.

Note: Although the whole cartoon game looks simple and puzzling, its content is violent and quite adult.