Megapolis – The metropolis is a very beautiful and entertaining game in the style of city management games from Social Quantum Ltd game development studio for Android operating system , which is at the top of strategy games with more than 50 million downloads from Google Play. In this game , as a city player, you create your own city and expand your city with various tasks such as basic infrastructure, financial management and beautification! You will be able to create a variety of airports, railway stations, ports, etc. for your city, or do things like extract oil and gas, build a variety of solar and nuclear energy mines, and experience the best Android strategy game . Bring it to your smartphone. Mega Police Game | Megapolis Compared to its very small size of about forty-five megabytes, it is designed in a completely unique way, so that its excellent and colorful graphics, sound and 3D animations allow you to experience a unique game . do! If you are a fan of Android urban games, don’t miss Megapolis in any way!

Some features of Megapolis Android city management strategy game:

  • Having very attractive and realistic 3D graphics (3D)
  • Provide more than 700 buildings and locations with hundreds of building materials and materials
  • Ability to work with your neighbors to expand the city faster
  • Ability to use new and old architecture in building your own city
  • Ability to build the city on land or sea by players
  • Includes a variety of amazing achievements to get and increase the excitement of the game
  • Supports all Android phones and tablets with large and small screens

Game Megapolis of the most popular games that Andrvydyst rating of 4.5 from 5.0 and more than ten million downloads from Google Play demonstrates this fact. Today in Usroid, at the request of users , we provide you with the latest version of this beautiful game for free for the first time ; The game doesn’t have a mod version and don’t look for the mod version, the latest version of the game is in front of you.

Attention :

1. Megapolis game is online and requires internet connection to run…
2. The game does not have a mod version, so don’t spend your time finding the mod version of the game.


Download Megapolis - a popular and beautiful Android metropolis