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One of the habits of successful people is to take notes and take notes. In everyday life, we may need to write down some things in different situations. Given the busy schedule that most of us have in today’s world, trusting memory to store huge amounts of information is not the right thing to do, and it is better to use optimal tools to store it instead. Today we are at your service with a great application for this. Noteshelf – Note Taking | Handwritten | PDF MarkupThe title of a great app with a lot of features for taking notes and recording important items is for the Android operating system, which was developed by Fluid Touch and has been released on Google Play for $ 4.99. This program is one of the best and most complete Android note-taking programs that provides unique and complete features to its users. The user in this program can easily add notes in different ways. It is also possible to add notes by hand. The quality of handwriting is the same as writing with a pen and paper. Having different fonts with the ability to adjust their size, along with the support of different types of stylus, makes writing in this program very easy and enjoyable. If you feel you don’t have enough time to write notes, you can add your notes in audio and in the desired number. It is also possible to write on images. It is also able to easily work with PDF files and annotate them. The user can highlight important parts of their documents. Writing and writing in this program is not limited. The user can even easily add geometric shapes to their notes. All program information is automatically saved to Google Drive or Dropbox so you don’t have to worry about deleting and losing data.

Some features and capabilities of Noteshelf – Note Taking | Handwritten | Android PDF Markup :

  • Ability to add handwritten notes with different pens and modes
  • Supports a variety of stylus pens
  • Ability to add images and write on them
  • Ability to annotate and highlight PDF files
  • Ability to add notes by voice and in unlimited numbers
  • Automatic backup of application information in Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Easy sharing of notes with friends, colleagues and و.
  • Ability to recognize text in images in 65 languages

Noteshelf App – Note Taking | Handwritten | PDF Markup is a complete and powerful tool for taking notes, which with the satisfaction of Android users, has been able to get a score of 3.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge.


Noteshelf — Note Taking Handwritten PDF Markup