Notification History v2.9.5 Complete history application of all notifications sent for Android
Premium version of the program with access to all features and capabilities

Phone notifications are notifications that are displayed through apps installed on your smartphone. Notifications are one of the most important parts of a smartphone that notify you of important messages and notifications. These notifications can be sent from social networks, SMS messages, shopping apps and discount ads, emails and.. It may happen to you that you delete some annoying or unimportant notifications on your Android phone. But sometimes you can do this by accident without reading the messages. This way you will no longer know what application sent you the notification notification. Many times we are waiting for important news or a message from someone, but when we try to delete the announcements altogether, we no longer notice that news and message, and this is not good at all.Notification History is an application for keeping a complete history of all notifications specific to the Android operating system, which was developed by mydloch’s dev-team software group and published for free on Google Play. With this application, you can access the complete history of all notifications sent on the device by date, sender application name, time, subject and.. We recommend that you install this app if you receive multiple notifications during the day that may contain important messages and you do not want to miss them.

Some features and capabilities of Android Notification History app :

  • Ability to define different filters by subject, application name and… to avoid keeping trivial notifications
  • Display notifications by date today, yesterday, or a specific time period
  • Save deleted notifications in app trash
  • Reminder for clearing the application database to provide better speed and reduce device memory consumed
  • Ability to delete notifications by swiping
  • Save photos received in WhatsApp ‌ even if the photos themselves have been deleted
  • Very simple and easy user interface

Application Notification History a very functional for all users who ties a lot of busy work a lot during the day dozens of notifications received and the time to manage them, and may even mistakenly Notification important to ignore . Notification History is so popular that it has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times on Google Play alone, and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You dear ones can now download the premium version of this program with all the accesses and facilities from Usroid for free.


Notification History Premium