Panda Gamepad Pro v1.4.8 – Complete gamepad connection application to Android phone,
purchased and complete version for $ 7.49, presented to you dear friends in
need of root

With the development of hardware technology, smartphones are becoming more powerful and meet the needs of users for a variety of entertainment. In the past, you needed a powerful computer system or a game console to play computer games, but today, smart devices can provide you with your favorite games with extremely high graphics. Comfort, high mobility and excellent quality are the features that can be used to evaluate Android games, but still these games have limitations that in most cases are related to the control system. At present, various games such as PubJie, Fort Knight, and پشتیبانی support a variety of keys that are sometimes difficult for professional users to use and maintain; For this reason, smartphone users in some cases use special gamepads. Panda Gamepad ProTitle is an application for fully connecting the gamepad to the Android smart device, which was developed by Panda Gaming Studio and published on Google Play. With this software, everything becomes easier and you are able to easily connect your gamepad to your Android phone. One of the most important features of this program is the possibility of personalizing the control keys, which eliminates any need of users for a professional game. Panda Gamepad is a proprietary system called Keymapper for Android gamepadsIs designed to use; When the gamepad is successfully connected to the smartphone, a diagram of the classic keys is displayed, which you can adjust by simply swiping in place on the screen. Another feature of this wonderful startup is no need to clone games; If you know that the tools that connect gamepads to Android devices while running, they clone games, one version is the original version and the other version is for use with the gamepad; But the above software removes this limitation and you can save data storage space. In addition, online games that are constantly monitored by security systems in some cases consider the use of gamepads to be fraudulent and warn users; These warnings, which apart from the gamepad can be due to violations of the rules by the communication program, may eventually lead to the blocking of your account, but Panda Gamepad with a great system and follow the rules helps to never server Do not draw your attention to the security guards! Just note that this software requires root access to run.


Panda Gamepad Pro


Panda Gamepad Pro application with a variety of features and capabilities has been released by its developer at a price of $ 7.49 on Google Play, which you can now buy the latest version without any restrictions on high-speed web servers Download Usroid site in Iran. This program has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.