Predators in Persian (Hunters) is a new and very beautiful game with fantastic HD graphics in the style of action and sword games for the Android operating system , which is based on the science fiction movie Franchise, in which you appear in the role of predators. You have to fight humans and destroy them one after another! In a variety of real and amazing places, you can use your hunting and predation techniques and skills to fight humans as well as defend yourself against more deadly enemies to gain membership in the predator tribe! Your enemies are the most dangerous and stubborn human beings on the planet; But this planet , the planet’s humans, and they plan to capture the planet!

Despite its small size, this game has stunning graphics and brings the experience of the best arcade and action game on your Android tablet or smartphone, and we recommend it to all users who love sword games!

Some features of Predators بازی Android game:

* Battle with a variety of dangerous and powerful humans to destroy by you

* Being a variety of achievements and different trophies to be collected by the player

* Availability of long-range cannons, deadly discs, swords and more

* Battle and battle with enemies in over 31 totally diverse and amazing environments

* Simple controllers to control the game character through the touch buttons

* Having HD graphics with stunning visual effects and exciting sound

If you like, get acquainted with the gameplay of Predators بازی game, we have put a trailer of the game for you, which has been tested on the Galaxy Note 2, and you can watch it before downloading the game, and if you feel that you like the game. Go ????to the download link to view images of the game environment and download the latest version of Usroid همراه Join us…


Download Predators ™ - Android + data graphic action game!




Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the apk file.

– Download the data file and decompress it with the password Com.fde folder . Copy predators to Android / obb path.

– Run the game offline.


Download Predators™ Android Apk + Obb - New FREE



Download Predators™ Android Apk + Obb - New FREE