Syberia 2 (Full) v1.0.1 – Version 2 Fantastic game Travel to Siberia for Android with data – Tested and offline
A very beautiful and popular adventure game this time for Android!
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After the release of the first version of the incredibly beautiful and unique game Journey to Siberia from the famous gaming studio Anuman, a few minutes ago, we saw the release of the second version of this game called Syberia 2 Full on Google Play, which is priced at $ 4.99.It was released for the Android operating system and we decided to take the lead as always and introduce it for the first time to you, lovers of adventure and special Android games! We told the story of a game like this: “You play as Kate Walker, an American lawyer who came to France for business! Her business partner Anna Volarberg owns a toy factory! As soon as he arrives in France, he witnesses a funeral in which mechanics in black robes walk to the cemetery behind the coffin, and the rain muddies the path, and he soon learns that Anna is dead. Then Kate finds out. Who inherits the factory of Anna’s younger brother, Hans Wolarberg! Now your mission is to find him and finish the deal, which of course will not be easy! You have to… ”As you know in the first issue, the game does not end and is just a prelude to the second issue! When Kate finds Hans, she makes an important decision and quits her job and life in New York to pursue a land called Siberia with Hans. “Siberia” is a mythical land with blue meadows and mammoths still live there. The second issue of the game starts exactly when “Kate” decides to accompany “Hans” and the game is still the same. “Kate Walker” travels by train with “Oscar”, a locomotive iron man made by “Hans”, and gets involved in interesting adventures at every station, and… The second issue of the game starts exactly when “Kate” decides to accompany “Hans” and the game is still the same. “Kate Walker” travels by train with “Oscar”, a locomotive iron man made by “Hans”, and gets involved in interesting adventures at every station, and… The second issue of the game starts exactly when “Kate” decides to accompany “Hans” and the game is still the same. “Kate Walker” travels by train with “Oscar”, a locomotive iron man made by “Hans”, and gets involved in interesting adventures at every station, and…

Some features of Syberia 2 Full Android adventure game:

* Having an amazing story is beyond your imagination!

* Meet a variety of different characters including Oscar dolls

* Designed in the best possible way like movies (camera angle , movement and style)

* Includes a variety of puzzles, puzzles and a variety to be left behind by you

* Play and adventure in a variety of unique and diverse places and environments

* Stunning HD graphics with excellent and exciting sound

Syberia 2 Full game currently has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Play Store . In Usroid, we introduce the Android version for the first time to you, lovers of adventure games, and put it for download along with the data file! Join us to see pictures of the game and trailer…

Changes in version v1.0.1:

* Various game optimizations and bug fixes.


Download Syberia 2 (Full) 1.0.0 - Travel game to Siberia 2 Android + data




Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the apk file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Com.microids folder . Set syberia2 to Android / obb.

– Run the game.


Syberia 2 Full Story:

The story of the game begins with the death of Ms. Anna Warlberg or Siberia 1, the first game you see a demo of Hans and Kate talking to each other and Kate promises Hans to help him until the end of his journey, Hans He is relieved, because he can reach his long-held dream after years of waiting. When the train demo is over at the next stop in Romansburg, Kate talks to Hans and sees that he is also working. The middle part of the train looks like a mechanic’s shop and is like a busy repair shop because Hans has such a spirit. . When Kate walks to the shop next to the station and talks to Colonel Govachev, the shop owner, he says that this is the last station before the Siberian wildlife. After tuning the train, Kate goes to Oscar and talks to him and realizes that the train needs coal. For this reason, Kate uses the coal transfer machine next to the station and draws votes for this lever, but there is no problem inside the train. Pour. Kate has to go to the southern part of the city to get coal, so she needs to open the gate, but the gate is locked, so she goes to the colonel, but the colonel says that the key is missing. Kate picks up some candy from inside the shop (one of the puzzles in the game) and then Malka, a little girl who lost her father some time ago. Before going near the gate, Kate meets Malka, Kate talks to Malka and realizes that Malka has the keys, but to give them colored candies, Kate, who has taken them from the candy store, throws them down the bridge and to Malka. Malka keeps her word and attaches the key to the balloon in her hand and releases the balloon, Kate takes the balloon and removes the key. Kate opens the gate and passes through it. Here is a demo showing Marson’s company office showing that the boss has sent a detective to find Kate at the behest of his mother and friends. Kate goes downstairs and checks the coal transfer machine and red-marks the coin. He picks it up, but the device needs fuel, so he has to get fuel. Kate talks to Malka and Malka tells him that the Burgov brothers know how the machine works. Kate goes to the circus café and talks to the circus manager. He recognizes Hans and says that Hans has to fix the cafe’s show mechanical horses because he has a problem and his customers are very upset when the horses are no longer working. Have decreased. Kate walks past the barges into the Borgf Brothers’ house, Kate opens the door to the middle of the living room, and immediately Yuki comes out and escapes – the younger brother, Ivan, runs after Yuki and leaves – Kate in this The distance from inside the life and the gas tank takes some fuel, and he talks to his older brother, Igor, but Ivan arrives and takes Kate out. Insert the fuel kit into the machine and after pulling the lever, the coals are poured into the train. Kate prepares to move and walks over to Oscar, saying that everything is ready to move, but Oscar says that Hans has disappeared. Kate goes to the circus café and finds Hans there. Hans is upset and they take him on the train. He needs a doctor, but there is no doctor in the city, and usually the patients either get well on their own or go to the priest. I’m late. So Kate is forced to take Hans to the priest, so according to the rules, a special cloth must be placed on the patient’s face and he must take it. For the same kit, he goes to the device next to the bridge to remove that cloth, but it needs something to When he opens the door, after talking to Malka, he gives the device to Kate to open it, and after opening it, Kate picks up the napkin and puts it on Hans’s face. Kate takes a warm suit from the colonel and puts it inside the train so she can cross the bridge as the height across the bridge increases and the air gets very cold. Kate goes to the other side of the bridge and Waqit wants to enter late. She is not allowed because she is a female. To enter the monk, Kate tricks at the monastery, takes off his robe and puts it on, and then enters the monastery. After talking to the high priest and giving him a handkerchief, he passes Hans and the monks take Hans into the monastery. The priest says that there is no hope. There is no way Hans can survive.
After obtaining Alex’s book from the top floor of the bookcase and a secret drawer, Kate realizes that Alex’s brother’s method is the same as the Yokols used to cure it (the Yokols are a very old and noble people living in Siberia, they live with mammoths They used their flesh, skin, and fat to eat and keep warm and light, and these ten tribes are still stable. The method is to mix a candle made of paraffin or mammoth fat with a special plant and Put it in a mold and light it on top of the patient.After solving many riddles in Deir ez-Zor, Kate finally achieves this goal and also heals Hans and escapes from Deir ez-Zor (he escapes because the High Priest is a vile person who also killed Perd Malka himself, who did not heal him. Malika’s father and the words that he also told Kate, that he was incurable, hit the people of the city, causing Malika’s father to die and bury his body in the monastery)

After escaping late, Kate goes to town and puts Hans on the train. According to Hans, he takes the mechanical heart of the circus cafe horses and repairs the horses. When he launches the horses, which is one of the beautiful puzzles of the game, the ground suddenly starts to shake. Because the cafe is located because of the mule, the movement of the trains shakes the cafe. Kate quickly runs to the train but does not reach the train. When Kate contacts Oscar, he finds out that Ivan and Igor have stolen the train. يت Kate pulls the lever by pulling the lever next to the rails, but does not have the power to leverage, so he talks to Malka and the Colonel. Malka offers him Yuki’s help. Kate finds Yuki in the yard of Ivan and Igor. But they also find a newspaper on their desk, which they read reveals that the two brothers, greedy for the precious ivory of the train, have left for Siberia. Kate picks up some fish from the Colonel’s shop and hands it to Yuki, then locks Yuki to the rails and Yuki kills the machine. Somewhere they reach the bridge, but the bridge breaks after 2 wagons of the train and the last wagon of the train is pushed into it. Kate gets off the machine and continues his way along the river and through the snow. After crossing the river and solving beautiful riddles, he reaches a monastery, but when he enters it, he realizes that a bear is in front of the door and does not let Kate go. Come out. After catching a fish and picking up a series of tools, which is also one of the puzzles of the game, Kate has to give the fish to the bear and get out of the monastery. It can be climbed. When Kate goes up with the ax that accompanies her to the top of the snowy hill, when she goes up, she sees Ivan and Igor holding Hans and taking him to the train. Kate can’t follow them, so she goes. One goes to the place where the plane crashed. When he reaches the crash site, he sees a pilot who is hanging from a tree but is asleep and you can not talk to him. (If you pay attention, that pilot is the same Boris that you helped him fly to at Kamkelsg درrd, Siberia. Now he’s the one who has to help you.) To wake Boris, the aircraft transmits the frequency waves of the transmitter and receiver with radar At the same time, he adjusts and communicates with Boris’s phone from the radar near the plane by the two transmitters and receivers. Boris wakes up and falls down the tree. Talk to him and ask him for help. He believes that the best way is to use the pilot seat seat and says that it is better to use it to throw yourself on the train. Using the radar and finding the coordinates, the kit is thrown to the train by Homa Pima and its seat, and it lands right next to the train (this is one of the puzzles in the game that requires the player to know the coordinates of the point in the circuit) Now Kate has to get on the train, but notices that Yuki has found something in the snow – after realizing it is Oscar – she talks to Oscar and wants them to move – to move using the map of the last wagon inside the bottom of the bridge around It separates what has been eaten and moves the devices using oil and lubrication.
Now the train has reached the end of the rails – Kate and Hans have reached the village of Yukol. After going to the front door of the Yukol Village, Kate notices a sound coming out of the bird’s mouth, so she turns back and sneaks into the snowmobile – she sees Igor frightened by the bird’s sound – Kate tries to Calm Igor by talking .He picks up objects from the base of his face and silences the sound inside the bird by placing a cover on the bird’s mouth. Going forward, he notices Ivan’s presence and that he has collected the mammoth ivory and is running away, but he does not let go of Kate – he gives them a demo and Kate escapes with the help of Oscar and falls into the hands of the Yukols and they help Kate. After talking to the chief of the tribe, Kate learns that Hans has fallen ill and has been taken to the witch’s hut. After solving a riddle, Kate enters the witch’s hut and meets her, and you see Hans hanging from strings in a dream. – The witch says that Hans must be brought out of the dream, and for this he needs Kate to guide him out of his sleep, and in order for Kate to go to Hans’s dream, the witch needs the fruit of a rare spring tree. Kate finds this fruit after solving a riddle from inside the cave and behind the ice. And then he goes to Hans’s dream – Kate sees Mr. Warlberg in Hans’s dream and after solving many riddles he wakes Hans up, but in his dream Hans talks about Oscar’s heart. When Hans wakes up, he goes to The train goes above the ground and uses the mask to take the Oscar into the village so that the Yukols are not afraid. And uses cables to take the train to the end of the rail inside the village. When Kate tells Hans about Oscar, he agrees to die for his creator. Then he goes to the witch’s hut. Kate has to go there too – Hans needs Oscar’s metal heart to survive. It solves a relatively difficult puzzle and solves the surrounding ice. When Kate comes out, he sees that Hans is heading for the mammoth boat – Kate is also moving towards it, and after releasing Yuki from the Yuki cages, they go into the ship and leave the village with Hans and Yuki, and then Some reach the island of penguins. Kate gets out of the ship to solve the problem – after getting out, she goes to the whale tooth wall and picks it up, and then releases the anchor using her teeth, but again she sees the porch going into the ship !!! Using tricks and solving puzzles, Kate takes Ivan out of the ship and throws him among the penguins and escapes with the ship, and then the penguins tear him to pieces because of the trick that Kate throws at the penguins and the porch. After 50 years, Hans’ dream finally comes true and they reach an island that seemed imaginary. A beautiful island called SYBERIA where the cold Siberian air is very mild.

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Syberia 2 Full Android - a new Android game
Syberia 2 Full Android - a new Android game