QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro v1.1 – Smart and full- featured Android barcode scanner application
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Undoubtedly, you are also familiar with barcodes; Lines and shapes that contain a set of product-specific information and can be considered as an identification for various goods. Today, in addition to the usual barcodes, users are faced with a new type of barcode called QR codes. The main difference of this type of barcode can be considered as the extensive collection of information that it holds. QR Code & Barcode Scanner ProIs the title of a smart and feature-packed barcode scanner application developed by kotunApps for Android and published on Google Play. The set of features that this startup provides to its users helps them to be able to easily scan all the barcodes you want and extract the information contained in them. One of the best features in this special collection is the extraordinary mode of creating QR codes, which is unique in its kind and you are able to put a set of information such as contact number, address, email and. In it. All barcodes are stored in the memory of this software so that you can have unlimited access to them again if needed.

Some features and capabilities of QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro Android application:

  • Scan barcodes and extract QR code information
  • Supports a variety of barcode formats
  • Storing barcodes in the form of images in data storage memory
  • Save all scan results in the program history
  • Ability to create different types of QR codes with different information

App QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro to take advantage of the features and functionality variety of it has managed to score 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version purchased it from a popular website Usroid Download Kurds. In our version, all the features are available and you can use them without time limit.

Note: Using the SAI software that is available in the program folder, check the program installation file along with all the splits and perform the installation steps.


QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro