Timestamp Photo v1.55 – Simple and easy application for recording dates and times on Android images.
Purchased version for $ 1.99.

Taking pictures of all periods of life is one of the best ways to review memories in the future and you can easily remember your good and bad moments with photos. As you know, in the past, in order to prevent forgetting their good moments, they used to write the date and time of recording the pictures and sometimes the names of the people in the picture on the back so that they would not forget anything. It has given way to time stamp programs. Timestamp Photo is a simple and easy application to put the date and time of recording images on photos by Yubin Chen for AndroidDeveloped and published. With the help of the smart and at the same time simple tool Timestamp Photo, you can save different hours of photo recording on them by accessing different fonts, so that you can remember your memories more easily in the future. A set of time formats is included in this software that you will be allowed to access according to your personal taste. Change the fonts and colors of the dates and place them on any part of the images!

Some features and capabilities of Timestamp Photo Android app:

  • Add time tags to images
  • Support for batch and batch image processing system
  • 20 different timing formats for placement on photos
  • Ability to change the size and color of fonts
  • Access different locations to place tags on images
  • Without compromising the quality of output files with tags like
  • Add custom text on your images
  • Very simple and easy user interface for beginners

Timestamp Photo application , as one of the best programs in the field of recording time labels on images, has been able to get a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 with its price of $ 1.99, and now you can buy the latest version for free from the database. Download the great Usroid site.


Timestamp Photo