ToonMe: cartoon yourself, sketch & dollify maker v0.6.37 – application for converting photos to cartoon characters for Android
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ToonMe: cartoon yourself, sketch & dollify makerIs the title of an application for converting photos to cartoon characters, which was developed by Linerock Investments LTD and published on Google Play. If you are surfing on social networks, from time to time you will face challenges in the form of pictures or videos, which are mainly of special interest. One of the main reasons for the early spread of this type of post among social network users is the extraordinary features of special software by which we create photos or videos of this category of challenges. These apps sometimes go so fast that they reach millions of downloads in just one or two months and are among the top apps in the Android Market. You must have come across the hashtag # ToonMe recently, which contains cartoon images of page owners. In this challenge you have to turn your selfies into cartoon photos! But the important thing here is the software you use for these changes. The epic is the name of a hashtag with great capabilities that attracts everyone. All you have to do is install ToonMe: cartoon yourself, sketch & dollify maker and you will join the organizers of this challenge. If we want to explain the performance of this program, it can be considered as one of the most powerful apps in the field of converting photos into cartoon images, which is unique in its kind and the output results are stunning. To have a cartoon image, select your photo from your smartphone gallery and after determining the type of changes, pay attention to the existing artificial intelligence. One of the reasons that made this software grow in such a short time is the use of different styles to convert images! The developer has designed the AI ​​to change photos like cartoon characters made by big companies like Walt Disney or Pixar. As we mentioned, there are several different styles available to you dear ones, the use of which depends only on you and your needs. According to reviews, one of the best effects available is the halving of photos. Using this style, or in other words, the effect of half of your face in the selfie pictures will change to cartoon and the other half will not change just like the original image. By changing the background of the images, double their attractiveness and attract your friends to you. Other issues include the privacy of users in this app, which according to the developer, the best and most secure protocols are used to have a secure environment.

Some features and capabilities of ToonMe app: cartoon yourself, sketch & dollify maker Android:

  • Convert photos to cartoon images in the blink of an eye
  • Use artificial intelligence to increase the accuracy of changes and preserve detail
  • Several different styles based on popular animation companies
  • Option to create half-normal and half-cartoon cartoon images
  • Privacy and delete images after uploading to the server
  • Make special changes to the images according to your creativity
  • Very high quality output files

Application ToonMe: cartoon yourself, sketch & dollify maker to benefit from the ability to own by the developer it for free along with in-network $ 19.99 published and managed to score 4.6 out of 5.0 by users receive now You can download the latest professional version of it from Usroid high-speed servers .


ToonMe cartoon yourself, sketch & dollify maker