Until now, we have introduced various software for notebook and note-taking in Android, all of which were among the best and most popular, allowing you to easily record your notes. Today, we intend to introduce a powerful and versatile software for note-taking called TT Note notepad notes, which is completely free and allows you to experience the easiest and most interesting notebook software on your Android phone. This notebook software allows you to easily save your notes using multimedia files, text, images, handwriting, animations, and more, and have access to your notes in a very enjoyable and professional environment!

The practical TT Note notepad notes software is considered one of the best with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0, and most Android users choose it because of its beautiful and professional user interface!

Some of the features and capabilities of TT Note notepad notes for Android:

* The possibility of adding multimedia files such as music, video, and images to notes.

* The possibility of taking photos of desired environments, recording sound, and saving videos for note-taking

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* The possibility of creating notes manually on very beautiful and stylish pages

* Having extraordinary beautiful backgrounds to add as notes’ background

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* Organizing notes accurately based on a calendar for easy access

* Having an exclusive and beautiful widget for the home screen for quick access.

* Having a powerful search function to quickly find notes

* Possibility to share notes with friends via SMS and other methods

* The possibility of setting a desired password in the program to protect your privacy

* Support for landscape mode for viewing and managing in vertical mode

* The possibility of preparing a backup version of notes and saving it on an SD card

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* Free, ad-free, and supports two languages: Chinese and English

Today, at Usroid, as the first Iranian website, we have introduced the TT Note notepad notes application, which you can easily download for free with just one click by visiting the rest of the article. …


Download TT Note notepad notes - versatile Android notebook



Download TT Note notepad notes Android Apk NEW



Download TT Note notepad notes Android Apk NEW



Download TT Note notepad notes Android Apk NEW



Download TT Note notepad notes Android Apk NEW



Download TT Note notepad notes Android Apk NEW