As you know, Keshavarzi Bank, like Bank Melli, is one of the most reputable domestic banks in Iran, which provides various services to its customers. This bank, like other banks operating in Iran, in order to facilitate services, has published its own bank, which we intend to introduce in this post. Agriculture Bank – with the Agricultural Bank as mobile bankingAgriculture is for Android, which has been developed and published by Keshavarzi Bank to provide services as easily as possible. Beyond the limitation of time and place, the bank’s customers can easily, always and everywhere receive various services in absentia. The capabilities of this bank mobile are divided into two categories of card-based services and account-based services, each of which individually addresses a wide range of customer needs. From viewing card balances to viewing account balances and checking checks, everyone is only available in a single environment. When you receive a response to transactions with the help of alarms, be aware of them and make sure that everything is done in complete security.

Some features and capabilities of Agriculture Bank Android application:

  • View card balances
  • Money transfer to Keshavarzi Bank cards (10 million Tomans per day)
  • Transfer money to other banks’ cards (via acceleration system)
  • Pay the bill and buy the SIM card recharge credit
  • Inquiry of the last three charges
  • See the last three rounds of your card
  • Block cards as soon as possible
  • Barcode reader bills
  • Warning horn when receiving transaction response
  • View balance and transfer funds between Keshavarzi Bank accounts (10 million Tomans per day)
  • Reliable inquiry and status of checks
  • Payment of facility installments
  • Change account password
  • No account allocation

Agriculture Bank application with the support of different facilities in the two groups of card services and account services has been able to provide various offline actions to its customers, which you can now download the latest version of it from the popular Usroid website ; The version that has been released to download your presence is exactly the version that Keshavarzi Bank has made available to the public on its main site.

Changes in version v1.2.6:

* Receive the default number of the card account number
* Pay the electricity bill using the bill ID
* View the electricity bill file
* View the paid electricity bills
* Pay the landline bill using the bill ID
* Issue a license to withdraw money from the ATM without a card
* View Status of ATM withdrawals without card
* Cancellation of ATM withdrawal without card
* Set check due date alert
* Receive dynamic password status in card operations


Agriculture Bank