Release of dynamic password generation application (one-time password) of all banks in Iran by Usroid Original versions of the program – Taken from the official site of each of your requested banks
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As you know, bank card holders need a second password, also known as an internet password, to use offline banking services (online shopping, online money transfer, bill payment, etc.). This password, unlike the original password of the card, which is given to the customer when opening an account and receiving the card, is not provided to the customer by default and must be received separately. Until December 1, 2017, the second internet password could be used statically (fixed), but with the approval of the Central Bank, from this date onwards, bank customers will no longer be able to use static passwords and to use offline banking services. They must use a dynamic and one-time password [the mandatory deadline for using a dynamic password may be extended for a few days]. Dynamic cryptography is not a new phenomenon and many banks like Bank MelliAnd Mellat had run it on a trial basis in previous years, and even provided special devices to some of its customers to generate a one-time password. Due to the boom in the use of Internet banking services, especially online shopping in recent years, and of course the growth of Internet fraud methods and the use of fraudulent payment pages (phishing), the Central Bank decided to implement this plan compulsorily and publicly. So far, each of the banks and banking institutions that are connected to the Shetab network has provided an application for generating one-time passwords. These applications can only be installed and used for Android and iOS operating systems. To use bank encrypters, the customers of each of these banks must activate the dynamic password of their account in the manner announced by the relevant bank. Almost all banks and financial institutions have provided the possibility of activating the dynamic password in person (by visiting an ATM or Internet bank) and there is no need to visit in person. Some banks, such as Pasargad Bank, Parsian, Cooperative Development, Resalat, Ghavamin, and Tourism, only activate dynamic passwords in absentia, and others, such as Kargaran Welfare Bank and Gharz al-Hasna Mehr Bank of Iran, provide a method for Offline activation does not provide a dynamic password, and to do so you must visit their branches. To activate the dynamic password, you need the phone number you registered to receive the bank SMS to be in your own name, otherwise you need to change the ownership of the phone number to your own name, otherwise you can use the dynamic password. You will not have. As mentioned, the dynamic password is a one-time password and after it is generated by the application, it will be usable for a limited time (between 30 to 120 seconds for different banks), so it is necessary to enter the dynamic password quickly after Get used. The applications offered by different banks so far each have different capabilities and security settings, some of them only use PIN code and password to increase their security and some of them also have the ability to use They have also provided alternative methods such as fingerprinting.

Advantages of using a dynamic second password (disposable): ‌

  • Prevent your bank account from being hacked
  • Counter internet fraud methods
  • Dealing with phishing attacks and theft of banking information
  • Use Internet services in public places such as Internet cafes and… with more confidence
  • Secure online shopping

Unfortunately, due to the numerous and confusing news about bank encryption applications, customers often receive incorrect information, and this has led many of them to restrict online shopping and use of offline banking services. In this post from Usroid, we have tried to make this easy for you and to provide all the cryptographic applications of Iranian banks and credit financial institutions at your service together. The list of these programs is as follows:Bank Iran Zamin (Iran Zamin cryptographic software), crypto developer of Cooperative Development Bank (mobile application of Cooperative Development Bank), cryptographer of Ayandeh Bank (Rima application), cryptographer of Middle East Bank (dynamic Middle East crypto application), cryptographer of Bank of Industry and Mines, password Post Bank of Iran (Post Bank Mobile Encryption Software), Gharz al-Hasna Resalat Bank Encryption Software (Gharz al-Hassaneh Resalat Mobile Software), Gharz al-Hasna Bank of Iran (Aras Software), Tourism Bank Encryption Software(Mobile Banking Tourism), Bank Sarmayeh (Banking Capital), Bank D (Banking Aras), Ghavamin Bank (GB Program), Ansar Bank (Aras Software), Bank Bank Hekmat Iranian (Aras application), cryptographer of Kowsar Credit Institution (along with Kowsar Bank), cryptographer of Credit Institution of Nations (Pouya Negar Melal – Pham) and cryptographer of Development Credit Institution! Just note that in order to activate the dynamic password (disposable), it is necessary to download and install the encryption application related to your bank beforehand. Most of these encryption programs work without the need for internet and offline, but for proper operation, they need to be accurate to the time of your phone, so we recommend that you change the time of your device to automatic setting. All banks are obliged to activate the dynamic password for their subscribers at no cost and completely free of charge. Beware of scams of profiteers.Download Usroid for free. All these programs are downloaded from the main sources (banks website). If other banks and financial institutions also provide their cryptocurrencies, we will add them in this post.


Download dynamic password generation application (one-time password) of all Iranian banks together!