Blokada v5.5.0 – The original and official version of the Android phone ad blocking application
with thousands of downloads from around the world

The increasing number of Android apps has caused security to decrease in parallel, and many hackers have achieved their goals by publishing fake software. It has sometimes been observed that some software, despite providing practical tools, cause many problems for their users through advertisements! These ads may be related to sites, browsers or any other software that we want in this post to introduce you to a very useful solution to block them. BlockadeIs the title of an application blocking ads on Android devices, developed and published by Karol Gusak. This software monitors all activities 24 hours a day, in complete silence and in the background of the device, and blocks any advertisements from any program. As we mentioned, blocking ads by this startup is not limited to browser ads or websites and includes a wide range of any advertising and annoying tools. The two ways of communication between Wi-Fi and mobile network are supported by the above software so that any user in any place can block his ads and can spend his time without any interference. Other features include the display of blocked ad statistics, which provides comprehensive information to users. You do not need to use complicated options or previous knowledge to use this anti-advertising tool and you just need to install it. In addition, it is good to know that this security software does not require root access.




Blokada application, by taking advantage of its special capabilities in the field of blocking annoying advertisements, has so far been able to attract the attention of more than 200,000 people, and now you can download the latest original version without any restrictions on the features of Get through Usroid high speed servers . This program has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.