Dual – Website Builder v0.7.1 [Unlocked] – Android website build application
, full unlocked version worth $ 289.99 for the first time on Iranian sites

Many of us meet our needs for different content or programs through websites. Creating a personal or public website in any field requires several different programming skills at the same time, which are not usually mastered by many people. Due to this, everyone has to pay different costs to build a website so that experts in this field can provide a perfect design. But as we mentioned, building a website is very expensive, so we intend to minimize the necessary cost by introducing a startup. Dual – Website Builder FullTitle is a special application for building a website that has been published by AppDual for Android. The first thing that catches everyone’s attention after installing this program is the lack of need for special knowledge in various fields; In such a way that everyone is able to fully implement all their ideas on the screen. No account is required to create websites and you can meet any need just by dragging and dropping. One of the most important features available is to build a dedicated website with very high detail, which makes the preset elements of this process much easier for users.

Some features and capabilities of Dual – Website Builder Android application:

  • No need for an account to create websites
  • Build websites just by dragging and dropping
  • Offline access to created websites with the possibility of editing them
  • No need for any personal computer or special knowledge
  • Ability to use a set of preset templates
  • Organize your personal website by creating multiple sections and pages
  • Customize style, color, font and texture
  • Create fully custom HTML code
  • Create listings and sitemaps

Application Dual – Website Builder with the benefit of several specific functionality in building websites and also save user fees by the developer it for free along with the interstitial 289.99 dollars have been published can now Most Download the unlocked version of it without any restrictions from the huge database of Usroid website .

Changes in version v0.7.1:

* Program fixes


Dual - Website Builder Full