Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) v1.7.9 – Android Life Goal Management Application
Version without ads – Introduced for the first time in Iran

From birth, human beings strive to achieve their goals, big and small, and try to get closer to their goals day by day by going through problems. On the other hand, the brain pays more attention to categorized goals and if you see any signs of approaching the goals, it will give you more motivation to try. Today and in this post, we intend to accompany you to achieve your goals by introducing a unique application and show that you are worthy of achieving your dreams. Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) Ad-FREE is a smart tool to manage the goals of its users by Shirish Koirala for AndroidDeveloped and published. This application software, by creating a list of your goals, accompanies you during your efforts and informs the users with your reports to the program if you see any hope and progress through its special features, in order to increase the energy of your efforts. Multiply yourself. Categorize goals into different groups and add images of the end result of goals to get energy again when receiving daily or weekly reminders. After achieving your desires, the program will give you a medal as a sign of encouragement and effort, which will help you achieve your other goals by storing it in the dashboard and as honors.

Some features and capabilities of Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) Android application:

  • Managing and adding to your goals is easier than ever
  • Add an image to targets for more energy when viewing it
  • Categorize goals for easier and simpler management
  • Target reminder system at regular, weekly and monthly intervals
  • Ability to choose a tireless mode!
  • Receive medals when you reach your goals
  • View a picture of your achievements
  • Display all achievements and goals with the dashboard in one comprehensive place

Application Lifetime Goals (Bucket List) as one of the most useful apps in helping people achieve their demands has been rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by users supermarket giant Google receives now able version without Receive its ads from the popular Usroid site and simply manage and organize your goals as much as possible.


Lifetime Goals