MiXplorer v6.57.1 – The most feature-rich file manager application for Android
Provide the original version with access to a variety of capabilities

Relying on their special abilities, Iranians have always been among the top and best in the field of programming. If we want to exclusively examine the apps created and published by Iranian developers, one of the most popular of them can be considered as Mixer Plurler, which has attracted the attention of millions of users around the world, and we also intend to provide it to you, like other websites outside of Iran. MiXplorer is the title of one of the most feature-rich Android file managers, published by a tasteful Iranian developer. Just take a simple look at the list of features of this software to know that just installing it will eliminate the need for many peripherals. By installing MiXplorer on your Android device, you can access various options to manage your files and customize them to your liking. As we mentioned, there are various capabilities and features in the list of features, one of the most unique of which is the multiple copy mode; For example, all you have to do is mark a file and copy it through several different folders without having to repeat many steps! For a quick and easy management, create several different tabs and just copy or move your files into each tab as easily as possible. It is better not to miss this Iranian application and read on to get it.

Some features and capabilities of the MiXplorer Android application:

  • Access to various file management options with the possibility of personalizing options!
  • Supports infinite separate tabs and two panels in landscape mode for fast file management
  • Drag and drop your files into other folders to copy or move
  • Multiple copy mode for the first time in similar software
  • Advanced search functions
  • Supports multiple cloud servers to increase storage memory
  • Support for otg cables to run flash memory
  • Ability to install various plugins to expand the program’s capabilities
  • Encrypt or decrypt files
  • Ability to view images


MiXplorer application with various and diverse capabilities has been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 and as the first Iranian application to attract the attention of millions around the world, you can now see the latest version released Download from the most visited Usroid website; All features are available in the upcoming version.


Additional Note: Plugins increase the features of the program, these 9 dedicated plugins can be installed and by installing them, special features are added to the program.


MiXplorer 1