My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV v2.27 – A huge database application for movies and TV series Android.
Purchased version worth $ 7.99.

My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV is the title of a huge database containing a collection of movies and series released for Android.Published by Binnerup Consult for $ 7.99 on Google Play. This software allows its users to professionally access the collection of videos and receive unique information from them. This information includes information such as the type of disc released, the main cover of the program and information such as the release time of the original version of movies and series, which covers more than 950,000 different titles. You will easily be able to receive information and use it in any field, including managing movie and serial sites. One of the unique information that it provides to its users in the application is the exact playing time of the original version of the videos; By searching for the name of the movie or series you want, if the original and high quality version is not released, you can be informed of the release time of the original version.

Some features and capabilities of My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV Android:

  • Fast and accurate scan of large DVD and Blu-ray collections
  • Search a movie or a series of
  • Track the titles of your discs or copies
  • Personal titles with access to rankings and add notes as desired
  • Access to a general summary of movie stories
  • Dedicated link of each movie to imdb
  • Access to the original and original cover of the videos
  • Parental control functions
  • Accurate and regular categorization of videos
  • Access to the exact time announcement of the original version of the videos

Apps My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV with support from thousands of movies and TV shows, as well as the price of 7.99 dollar has managed to score 4.7 from 5.0 received that can now use the newest version purchased this app for free site Usroid downloaded.


My Movies Pro 2