Scary Robber Home Clash v1.25.1 + Mod – Adventure and Simulation Game “Fight against Robbers” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited gold and stars) separately
Tested offline

Scary Robber Home Clash – Fighting with Thieves is an interesting, well-made and creative game from Pakistani studio Z & K Games in the simulation game genre, which has been made and released for free. This game development studio is known for creating first-person narrative games based on escape games from a famous negative character, and has made and released many games in this field so far. In this article, we invite you to download an interesting and entertaining game from this studio, which has been tested and is available for the first time among all Iranian websites, from Usroid. Scary Robber Home Clash game is made and developed based on the famous and popular Home Alone movie series. The overall story, theme, and even character design of this game are exactly based on this movie series, especially Home Alone 1. The story in this game follows exactly the same as Home Alone. You play as a little boy in the family, and your family is going on a trip while two thieves who have been checking your house for a few days enter the house with the idea that all family members have left the house, and they are going to steal the property and belongings.


Scary Robber Home Clash


In Scary Robber Home Clash, you play as a boy who is playing at home when he realizes that two strangers have entered the house to steal. From now on, you decide to teach them a lesson so they don’t try this again. The overall goal of Scary Robber Home Clash is to complete various missions and try to stop the robbers from stealing the goods and possessions in the house. To do this, you must set traps for them and catch them off guard with various tools and methods! But be careful, because if these robbers see you and catch you, you will lose. Throughout the game, there are many tasks and missions that you must carefully complete one after the other, and at any moment, be careful not to be seen by these robbers. Can you complete the tasks assigned to you without getting caught by these thieves? Scary Robber Home Clash features cartoon graphics and 3D modeling that can be very entertaining and interesting. The game is played in first-person view, and you can freely move around different parts of the house and use various items around the house to catch these two thieves. If you are a fan of adventure, puzzle, and thrilling games, experience this beautiful game and download the latest version for free and tested from Usroid servers now. Watching the game trailer video, which is also included alongside the screenshots, is also enjoyable.

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.zatg.scaryrobber.boylife folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.