Shadow Racer v1.0.9.0 – Super Android car and racing game + trailer
made by one of the most popular creators of Iranian
games Ability to play both online and offline

Shadow Racer is a new and extremely beautiful game with HD graphics and a unique design in the style of car and racing games from NogaGames Studio for Android.Is that now we at Usroid are introduced at the request of this studio and to support domestic game developers, and it is really worth introducing! In this game, you will ride on more than 20 dream cars and choose one of the 4 different online multiplayer modes, classic, thief and police, and you will experience the ultimate excitement in online competitions! In online multiplayer mode, you can compete in multiplayer with friends from your colony, in which case it is possible to chat, in classic mode, you can compete endlessly, in thief mode, you play the role of a thief. You can experience the thrill of a chase, and finally in police mode you can chase a thief in the role of a conscientious policeman! Features of the game that make us say do not miss it include good design , great controllers, addictive gameplay and a variety of cars!

Some features of Shadow Racer Android car game:

  • 4 different gameplay styles, plus 3 different camera angles
  • Multiplayer online game with breathtaking competition and unique gameplay
  • Ability to create clones and chat and hold friendly matches
  • More than 40 story stages of thieves and cops
  • Dedicated garage with more than 20 car models, 100 rim models, body kits and fins
  • 4 absolutely attractive environments with professional lighting and sound with dynamic rotation day and night
  • 5 live and exclusive music to play by the best of Iran
  • Professional sound for car engines
  • Ability to connect to Google along with Google rankings and honors section

Shadow Racer Game As indicated by the gray Wi-Fi symbol at the top-left of the post, the game runs offline and only the multiplayer part requires an Internet connection to run. In our test, the multiplayer part of the game without The problem is with the Wi-Fi connection and you can download it from Usroid high-speed servers , of course, images and trailers are also available for viewing, which you can view before downloading.

Changes in version v1.0.9.0:

* Minor bug fixes + various optimizations.


Download Shadow Racer - Iranian car game online Android + trailer