SNIPER ZOMBIE 2 v2.42.0 + Mod – Exciting action game “Sniper Zombie 2” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (Free Purchase) separately
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SNIPER ZOMBIE 2 – Zombie Sniper 2 is the second game in the Sniper Zombie series and another action game from Vietnamese studio VNG GAME STUDIOS, released as a free-to-play title with in-app purchases for the Android operating system on Google Play. VNG GAME STUDIOS is known for creating action games centered around zombies and has developed various games in recent years such as ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL, DEAD WARFARE: Zombie, MAD ZOMBIES: Free Sniper Games, and the DEAD TARGET: Zombie series. Clearly, this game development studio is after a larger share of games in this genre, as in recent years, the company has been exclusively involved in creating and publishing these games. However, it should be noted that all games released by VNG GAME have a very similar and close nature, and all of them are similar in terms of storyline, gameplay style, and other factors. The Sniper Zombie series, which started with the game Sniper Zombies: Offline Game, is one of the most popular games created by this developer. After several years since the release of the first part, at the end of 2022, this game development company also released the second part of this game with the name SNIPER ZOMBIE 2_Shooting Games, which has a lot of similarities to the previous part overall. Although we are witnessing various improvements and good optimizations in gameplay and graphic details in this title. Follow us on Usroid to get acquainted with the general features of this action game.




SNIPER ZOMBIE 2 is an exciting action game with a post-apocalyptic zombie theme. Like all other games released by VNG GAME STUDIOS, Zombie Sniper 2 also has a weak and clichéd storyline. Perhaps there is no need to recount the repetitive and predictable story of this game, but if you want to know what is happening in the world of this game, you should know that the human world is on the brink of extinction due to a deadly virus. Humans have been transformed into bloodthirsty and savage creatures, namely zombies, by this virus with genetic changes. However, this genetic mutation has been more than expected in some humans and has created monstrous and very dangerous creatures, not just ordinary zombies. Your main task in the story section of the game is to save the lives of humans who are fleeing from these zombies. The game’s developer has gone beyond clichés to make it more attractive and has introduced enemies other than zombies as your targets in your missions. These enemies are actually criminal humans and gangsters who also target innocent humans for loot and survival. In your missions, you must eliminate existing threats as quickly as possible with precise targeting. A wide range of different weapons have been designed in SNIPER ZOMBIE 2, each with upgrade and customization capabilities. SNIPER ZOMBIE 2 also has a multiplayer section where, according to the developer, you can play PvP with other players and have a new experience in the world of this studio’s games. To download the latest version of SNIPER ZOMBIE 2, you can go to the download box on Usroid and download the regular or modded version of this game through direct links.