Caller Filter (Whitelist Edition) v3.9 reject the application for Android annoying calls
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The telephone is one of the most amazing human inventions. The invention of the telephone has divided the history of human life into two different parts, because the invention of the telephone made it possible for us to communicate with each other much faster and easier than before. Before the advent of the telephone, human communication was limited to letters and similar methods. They arrived at their destination very late and hard. But with the invention of the telephone, our distance from each other was only as great as the removal of the telephone. The invention of the telephone has created many other means of communication, such as the Internet. Telephone lines are still used around the world to connect to the Internet. Initially, the telephone was only available to military and government agencies, but it was quickly distributed to the general public. The popularity of mobile phones led to the emergence of mobile phones, which in turn revolutionized the way people lived. Mobile phones have given way to smartphones that we can’t even part with today for a day. Like all popular things, there were problems with using the phone; There were many companies and stores that used telephones to advertise their products or services, these phone calls became very frequent at one time, and everyone received several promotional calls from different companies every day. Among them were those who used the telephone to entertain others and harass others. All of this and more made this very useful and necessary tool a way to annoy others. With the advent of smartphones and social networks, as well as messaging apps, the use of telephones and telephone interruptions has declined, but unfortunately we still see this happening. Filter Caller (Whitelist Edition) is an app for filtering calls and not calling unknown numbers for the Android operating system, developed by the MAUTOIN software group and released for $ 0.99 on Google Play. The program automatically rejects all calls that have an anonymous number. That way you won’t be bothered. Anonymous numbers are numbers that are not stored in your phone as an audience. So if you want to automatically reject a particular person’s contacts, just remove them from your contacts.


Filter Caller (Whitelist Edition)


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