Gnomitaire v1.0.1 + Mod – Competitive Card Game “Gnome Tavern” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested for Offline Play

Gnomitaire – کوتوله میخانه is another interesting, beautiful, and well-made card game from the German studio Arnold Rauers, which has been created and developed following the success of the developer’s other games. The latest version of this game has been exclusively released in Iran by Usroid simultaneous with its release on Google Play, and we have also provided a modified version of the game for you in addition to the original Google Play version. Titles such as Card Thief, Card Crawl, ENYO, and Miracle Merchant are among the famous games of this skilled and tasteful developer that we have previously introduced to you on Usroid. So, if you want to experience these games too, just click on the name of each game you want to play to be directed to its dedicated page and download the latest version of the game for your Android device from there. Arnold Rauers studio has a strong interest in card games, and this can be easily understood from the examples of its released works. What makes the games of this studio distinct from other ordinary card games is the unique and special design language used in all of them. In all of these games, an overall design language has been used for development, and the result is not only professional and attractive games but also exclusive and with a unique signature. If you have even experienced one of these games, you will immediately notice the other games of this collection, and this is exactly one of the elements of successful studios in terms of influencing the audience. It should be said that Arnold Rauers has successfully dealt with this challenge.




In the game Gnomitaire, you travel to an interesting and old European tavern and encounter classic legends. This tavern is run by a creature named Gnome, who is actually a mythical dwarf. This creature has a great interest in card games, which has led him to create an interesting card game and name it Gnomitaire! This dwarf claims to be very strong and professional in this game, and you are in the role of someone who wants to prove to him that there are others stronger than him! So sit on the chair and play with this mythical opponent. The gameplay is like all card games, but it has its own rules and mechanisms that professional players can learn very quickly. Even if you are an amateur, you can learn the overall style and context of this card game with the introductory section, which is a kind of tutorial, and play Gnomitaire in exciting competitions against your stubborn opponent and enjoy it. In addition to the main section, which is the standard mode of this game, there is also a challenging section in which the conditions will be harder and more complicated. In terms of graphic designs, it should be said that Gnomitaire is also very attractive and lovable, like other works published by the same developer, and although all designs and models are cartoonish, there is a very special attractiveness in it. If you are a fan or professional player of the card game genre, do not miss this game and download it now from the Usroid Download Box and have fun.

Note: In the mod version, go to the advertising section to receive money.