Hoosegow: Prison Survival v1.4.29 + Mod – Simulation and fun game “Prison Break” for Android
Normal version + mod version (receive bonus without seeing ads) separately
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Hoosegow: Prison Survival is a fun and simple simulation game developed by D.Dream games studio. This game is available for Android devices and is available to players for free on Google Play. This game is an adventure title in which you are in the role of a prisoner and your main goal is to survive in a prison that has difficult and dangerous conditions. The creator of the game says that this game has a comedic but mysterious theme and in this regard, it should be said that this game has an interesting storyline and can entertain fans of adventure and puzzle games. Hoosegow: Prison Survival is designed so that in the first run of the game you will have a random character. This character has a special crime and according to that crime, the game process will be different. You are in a special situation at each stage of the game and you have to make the right choices according to its characteristics. Each of your choices can lead to something new. You have to deal with prison rules and try to survive and protect yourself in a harsh world. The overall structure of the game is followed by a simple but fun process. Your job in all parts of the game is to choose between different options. Your choices are the most important thing in the game.


Hoosegow: Prison Survival


During the game Hoosegow: Prison Survival, many interesting, humorous and ironic events take place. You have a specific goal in each stage and it will be possible to achieve this goal through various methods. Hoosegow: Prison Survival game is made with simple but attractive designs. Game modeling is done in cartoon form. If you are looking for simple but fun games and you enjoy survival and adventure style games, Hoosegow: Prison Survival can be an attractive and suitable choice for you. To get more familiar with the whole game, you can take a look at the game trailer video and then download this game in normal or mod mode through Usroid direct links. It should also be said that this game has become a relatively popular list of games with more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play.

Note: To enter the game, your elephant must be active.