Mcpro24fps – professional video recording app v038df – one of the most advanced and professional Android video recording applications
The purchased version of the app is priced at $ 19.99

Mcpro24fps – professional video recording app is a professional video recording application for Android operating system developed by Chantal Pro SIA and published on Google Play for $ 19.99. This app has perhaps the best and richest settings and personalization options among all Android apps. Because it leaves the user free to apply a variety of settings to record video in any way he wants.

Some features and capabilities of Mcpro24fps – professional video recording app for Android:

  • Support for multiple cameras (if possible).
  • Ability to save settings separately for each camera
  • Supports recording of 24, 25, 30 and 60 frames per second, depending on the capabilities of the device
  • Supports all resolutions specified in the Camera2 API
  • Supports two codecs: AVC (h264) and HEVC (h265)
  • Supports bit rates up to 500 MB per second, depending on the device.
  • Hardware noise reduction settings
  • Hardware transparency settings
  • Support for optical and digital stabilizers, depending on device capability and manufacturer’s permissions
  • Adjust log profiles through the volume curve depending on the capabilities of the device.
  • Adjust the tone curve via the GPU
  • Adjust the image via additional GPU filters
  • Noise reduction via GPU.
  • Remove flicker for auto exposure mode
  • Different white balance modes depend on the capabilities of the device (some devices claim to support manual BB, but this feature does not work properly).
  • Two exposure modes: manual and automatic.
  • Three focus modes: continuous auto, auto touch, manual
  • Three types of magnification: maximum movie size, 0 and maximum.
  • Supports 10-bit LG V35 / V40 / V50 / G7 / G8, Sony Xperia1 / Xperia5, Samsung S10 / S20 Snapdragon, Xiaomi Mi9 / Pro / T / T Pro, Asus Rog Fon II
  • Bitrate mode (variable / fixed), if possible
  • Distortion correction setting
  • Supports various audio sources
  • Supports different sample rates.
  • Supports AAC bit rate up to 510kb / s.
  • Ability to record audio in a file
  • Ability to merge WAV to MP4 after recording (recording length of a clip is limited by the device system).
  • Fallen frame counter
  • Video size counter on the capture button
  • Manual focus control
  • In manual focus mode, you can double-click to increase the preview for more accurate focus.
  • Ability to limit manual focus up and down (two quick taps on the limit button)
  • Save profile presets
  • Ability to save presets for white balance settings.
  • In manual exposure mode, it is possible to change the exposure depending on the 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies.
  • flashlight
  • Fix camera direction.
  • Two types of histograms: brightness and RGB
  • Eleven types of networks
  • Anamorphic preview of pressure relief
  • Three types of screen brightness.
  • Select a movie size (there is a 4 GB limit on many devices)


Mcpro24fps application – professional video recording app with the satisfaction of Android users was able to receive an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Mcpro24fps - professional video recording app