Modern Defense HD v1.0.29 + Mod – Strategic and attractive game “Modern Defense” for Android + Trailer
Ordinary version + Mod version (unlimited money) tested separately
with offline execution

Modern Defense HD – HD Modern Defense is an interesting and exciting game from the new and innovative studio DKGames Studio in Estonia, which is offered in the style of defensive tower (TD) from the category of strategic games. Usroid as the first Iranian websiteThe latest official version of this game has been prepared and reviewed, and it provides you with a modded version of your service, dear ones, so that once again, those who are interested in light and tower defense strategy games can have a lot of fun. Modern Defense HD is the first game made by DKGames Studio, but the good features and structure of this game do not make it an amateur and trivial title. Just like all Tower Defense-style games, Modern Defense has similar features in that you have to cover a moving path with towers, forces, and defensive defenses in exciting and usually challenging stages. This is the path that your enemies take and try to reach the border of your base. The overall goal of the game is very simple! Use all your strength to prevent enemy forces from reaching the base. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. In Modern Defense HD, there are different types of forces in different classifications, each with its own characteristics.


Modern Defense HD


In Modern Defense HD gameAs mentioned, you have to set fire to the path of the enemies. But that requires the right strategy. You need to know the exact route, the type of local forces, as well as the enemy forces. The next important point is to know where you are going and where you are going. Scattered defense towers are one of the most important things to keep in mind in this game and the like. By advancing the game and destroying enemies, you can score points and unlock better forces or upgrade them on several levels with the points and money you earn. In total, you can use 8 types of powerful and different types of defense towers to cover the route. On the other hand, more than 70 different types of enemies, from infantry soldiers to large tanks, are attacking you, so you have to prepare yourself to face anything. Each stage of the game is followed by several waves of attacks from enemies, and you must make the necessary changes and measures before the next attack wave is ready. All in all, Modern Defense HD is one of the most well-crafted and engaging titles in the strategy genre, and it can appeal to fans of tower defense games with its good features. In the following, you can download the latest version of this game along with a modded version of itDownload Usroid and install on your device. If you want to learn more about this game, we have also provided you with a video trailer of the game.

Modifications to version v1.0.29:

* Fix bugs and game problems.