Quick Control Panel v4.2 – Android quick management panel application,
original version, at your request, dear ones

Many users of smart devices are very interested in quick access to the tools and features of their smartphones and try in any way to create their favorite apps or settings with just one touch. In iOS, unlike Android, in many cases, access to user needs is faster and you can access a set of features by touching a few options. This has led Android developers to think of simulating the iOS Control Center and providing it to users with support for the great Android system. Quick Control Panel is a smart application for having a quick management panelHas been published by Woodblock Without Co. in the big Google Play market. This software allows its users to access all the tools they want and run them in the shortest possible time. At first, looking at the previews of the program, you may think that this software is different from the main Android notification bar, but it is better to know that one of its main features is the possibility of personalization so that any Which tool will you be able to use as desired and put in this wonderful simulator? In addition, there is no need to swipe the page from top to bottom, because unlike the notification bar, access to the features of this program is possible by swiping the page from bottom to top; This has led to better and faster access to features and users to gain a new experience in the field of quick settings management.


Quick Control Panel Android


Quick Control Panel application has been able to get a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by Google Play users as one of the most widely used software in the field of fast access to information with more than half a million active downloads. Download the ad-free version from the popular Usroid site.

Changes in version v4.2:

* Backported content design for Android before 5.0
* Fixed application problems.